Gorilla Glue

  • Our Score 5.0/5

MSNL presents the classic, world famous Gorilla Glue. Potent and Powerful.

  • Strength 25%+
  • Stone Stone
  • Speed 7-9 Weeks
  • Height 180-220cm
  • Yield 600g/m2+
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Very Powerful
  • Very Tasty
  • Very Robust
  • Con's
  • Too Strong
  • Tall
  • Odour Control

Gorilla Glue Review

Gorilla Glue Review

Gorilla Glue has become the go-to strain of choice for people who need serious day time pain relief or relief from negative emotional states. Although Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds are full of robust genetics so that it’s a straightforward to grow them, they are only recommended to people who have a clear need for a super-high-THC strain.


Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds

Although Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds actually have balanced genetics (they are 50/50 Indica/Sativa), this strain contains an average of 25% THC and can go even higher. By contrast, its CBD content is a fairly low 0.1%. This sort of THC level is not to be taken lightly, make no mistake about it, Gorilla Glue is one powerful strain which was developed to deal with the most serious physical pain and/or to pull people out of the darkest mental places. Some people do need this sort of might from their regular strain, but it’s probably much more common for them to be recommended to people who are looking for a back-up strain to use on their worst days when their everyday strain just isn’t strong enough.


Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds can deliver some seriously hefty yields. Indoors you could feasibly look at 600g/m2 (experienced growers could possibly push this up even further). Outdoors you could collect up to 600g from each of your Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds.


Indoors, Gorilla Glue needs 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time and outdoors it will be ready around the end of September. While this relatively short growing time might suggest that Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds grow into fairly small plants, in actual fact, you’re looking at a height range of about 1.8M (indoor minimum) to 2.2M (outdoor maximum). This is substantially bigger than your average Indica, but is still a whole lot smaller than many Sativas.

Realistically speaking, only people who live in the Mediterranean basin are likely to be able to grow Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds completely outdoors. Everybody else is probably going to have to use a greenhouse or grow indoors. In either case, it may be useful to know that Gorilla Glue responds very well to plant training since the Sativa genetics make it much branchier than most Indicas.

Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds

We’ve classed Gorilla Glue as a moderately difficult grow for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a photoperiod strain, which means that unless you’re growing outdoors (or in a greenhouse), you’re going to have to manage light cycles. Secondly, this strain definitely grows taller than most Indicas, so if you’re growing indoors (or even in a greenhouse) then you might well find yourself dealing with plant training whether you like it or not, so that you can keep its height down to fit your grow space. Thirdly, Gorilla Glue has a big appetite and if you want those bumper yields, then you’ll need to keep it very well fed. Fourthly (and finally), harvesting Gorilla Glue takes patience as the strain takes its name from its ability to glue up even the best scissors, so the standard approach is to have several pairs handy and to keep changing them as you go.

Because of all this, we’d tend to point complete beginners in the direction of other strains, however, if you are a beginner and you think Gorilla Glue is the strain which best suits your needs, then it wouldn’t be out of the question for you to grow it since it is very robust and forgiving and if you do run into challenges, there’s lots of advice online.


While Gorilla Glue is best known for its THC content, its flavour is also very popular. The base notes are a combination of earthiness, fuel and pungency topped off with rich, strong coffee and then menthol pine. The overall taste has a slight chemical edge to it. Interestingly, the aroma loses the chemical element and instead is warm, rich and spicy with notes of sandalwood, sweet cherry and berries along with the freshness of pine.

Bag Appeal

Probably the most appealing aspect of a bag of Gorilla Glue is just how much it weighs, but leaving that aside, you have glossy green nugs sprinkled with cheerful orange hairs and basically drenched in THC-filled trichomes to the point where the bud actually looks wet. Unless you have the sort of muscles the rest of us can only dream of, you can forget about breaking up these beauties with your fingers, you’re going to need a grinder – and a good one.

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