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Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana: A step by step guide on how to grow marijuana.

Marijuana Strain Selection
Before you start growing marijuana its a good idea to know what strain you're after and what will do best in your garden. Out marijuana strain selection page guides you through the factors you should consider like Indica and Sativa plants, indoor and outdoor strains, plant heights, flowering times, harvest, yield and potency (THC), to help you select the marijuana strain that's right for you.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds
Make sure you germinate your seeds properly by visiting our germinating marijuana seeds page. Guides you through the germination process using either rockwool or cotton wool to maximise growing potential and reduce wasting seeds.

Marijuana Cuttings
Find out the best way to make marijuana cuttings for cloning.

Cloning Marijuana
Cloning marijuana is a good way to prolong your favorite plant. Clones make an identical copy of the original and because you know they're female, it takes all the hassle out of growing. We take you through several of the most popular cloning methods on this page.

Marijuana Lights
Choosing the right grow lights for your crop is very important. Each type of light produces light in different spectrums. Marijuana plants require different light throughout vegetative growth and in flowering. Find out which light is best for your particular needs.

Marijuana Medium
Our marijuana medium page will guide you through the different mediums commonly used when growing marijuana.

All plants require nutrients and marijuana is no different. It is important that plants get the right amount of the correct nutrients. Our nutrients page takes you through the basics.

Female and Male Marijuana Plants
Telling a female marijuana plant from a male one can be tricky for the inexperienced grower. It is, however, essential to get a knack for doing this as early as possible. Unless you're breeding or cross-breeding marijuana, there is no reason to have male plants in the grow room. In actual fact, having a male marijuana plant in the grow room does way more harm than good. Find out how to tell the difference between males and females and what to do with each of them.

Growing Marijuana Indoors
This is a simple starting guide on how to grow marijuana indoors. As growers become more experienced, so will the techniques used. As a beginner, its best to keep things simple and thats what this guide does.

Hydroponic Marijuana Setup
Growing hydro or hydroponic marijuana is now one of the most popular and effective ways to grow indoors. It increases the yield potential of the crop, reduces the chance of pests and does not need to be tendered every day. This page takes you through several of the most popular hydroponic methods.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors
Find out how to grow marijuana outdoors in this section.

Marijuana Harvest
Many factors will influence when to harvest marijuana plants. Strain type, if you're growing outdoors and the time of the year. If you're growing indoors you can control the harvest time pretty much to your liking. Find out more on our marijuana harvest page.

Marijuana Drying
The final stage in the growing marijuana process is drying the marijuana plants. You could simply grab the harvested plant and hang it up but you will get a much better result if you follow some of the instructions on our marijuana drying page.


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