Medi Bomb #1

  • Our Score 5.0/5

Medi Bomb #1 is a strain created with medical use in mind but also doubles as a fantastic recreational strain too. We can’t help but think this was intentional when we consider that the fantastically fun Bomb #1 was crossed with an unknown medical strain from the Netherlands to create the beautifully crafted Medi Bomb #1.

  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Body Stone
  • Speed 7-8 Weeks
  • Height 70-100cm
  • Yield 400g-500g/m2
  • Harvest Sept-Oct

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Medical Strain
  • High CBD
  • Con's
  • Sweet and Sour
  • Medium Grow Difficulty
  • Body Stone

Medi Bomb #1 Review

Medi Bomb #1 Review


Medi Bomb #1 marijuana seeds

Medi Bomb #1 was designed primarily as a medical strain and consequently its effects should be viewed in that context, even by those looking for the strain to provide a recreational high. This is a medicinal strain with plenty of fun behind it, however, and those who enjoy a good rich sedation will find a lot to love here.

It has a rather strong 15-20% THC level that fuels the tranquillity of the stone, causing some serious couchlock in the process. It may not be the best in social situations but for those after-work hours of freedom there can be little better than sitting back with Medi Bomb #1 and spending the evening in a relaxing blissful daze. Just don’t try to schedule any chores into this time, however, as they will not be completed – this strain is purely for movies and box sets.
Of course the primary component of Medi Bomb #1 is the medical uses it has. These are fuelled by the heavy CBD content of the strain, spreading its calming influence from head to toe. With every muscle in your body relaxed, Medi Bomb #1 begins to work its magic as various worries and lingering doubts are blown right out, allowing you to settle into the moment.

As you sink deeper into its reverie-inducing effects, you will notice how effective the strain can be at making anxiety and depression disappear along with any persistent tension. This sedation naturally doubles as one of the most fantastically effective solutions to insomnia you can try, lulling any troubled minds off to a peaceful sleep. Some also find it useful in dealing with regular pains and aches too, allowing you to enjoy an evening of calm and tranquillity.


You always need a good supply of medicine to stay healthy, and thankfully Medi Bomb #1 will provide this in abundance. Largely thanks to its productive Bomb #1 parent, Medi Bomb #1 will offer abundant harvests of 500g per m2 indoors. This is an impressive volume for any plant, but is especially admirable given the modest size of the Medi Bomb #1 plant.


Medi Bomb #1 marijuana seeds

And just how short does Medi Bomb #1 stay? Usually around 70-100cm, making it great for indoor grows of the stealth variety where it can be tucked away quietly. It can be grown in either a hydroponic setup or soil and will reward more attentive growers with bigger yields and higher THC concentrations.

The plant should take only 8 weeks to go from seed to flower, producing abundant bud that we recommend is kept in total darkness for the final few days preceding the harvest to get the most resin development. It will also appreciate being grown in a Sea of Green (SoG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup to assist its dense bushy growth pattern.

Growing outdoors is also a very practical option, with Medi Bomb #1 handling the cooler climates of northern Europe with relative ease. This kind of environment does have a tendency to keep the plant shorter and less vigorous than an indoor grow, however, which often leads to smaller yields too. If you are going to venture outdoors with the strain regardless then you will receive your harvest in late September to early October.

However you decide to grow Medi Bomb #1 the plant will develop with small broad leaves and short internodal points that are clustered close to each other. This gives it a compact bushy appearance that fits its modest height and creates a plant that is easily cared for.


Medi Bomb #1 marijuana seeds

Medi Bomb #1 is no bitter pill to swallow and with its rich flavour is actually quite a pleasant tasting medicine. The strain is dominated by a combination of sweetness and spiciness with an unusual sourness behind it. This may sound like an odd combination of flavours but it comes together beautifully, creating a taste that is both memorable and lingers long after smoking.

Bag Appeal

These flavours are not so bold in the scent profile and the strain instead gives us notes of skunkiness and earth. This is quite a strong aroma and becomes incredibly moreish after you develop a taste for it. Visually the buds are tight and dense, strangely shaped, and finished with an irresistible coating of white crystally trichomes.

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