Mexican Sativa

  • Our Score 4.6/5

Mexican Sativa is a solid medical strain with a great taste and are always in demand.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Energetic
  • Speed 50-70 Days
  • Height 180-220cm
  • Yield Medium
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Daytime Strain
  • Fresh Taste
  • Robust
  • Con's
  • Longer flowering
  • Tall
  • Odour Control

Mexican Sativa Review

Mexican Sativa Review


Mexican Sativa marijuana seeds

With 70% Sativa genetics Mexican Sativa has about 16% to 18% THC with minimal CBD. This is enough pain relief for many conditions, such as tension headaches and to deal with milder cases of mental conditions such as anxiety since it produces a clean, joyous and energising head high, which lifts you up without blowing you away. Although Mexican Sativa is typically recommended to people looking for a strain to use in the day time, the average person could probably use this strain at night and still reasonably expect to be able to get to sleep afterwards.


Mexican Sativa marijuana seeds produce reasonable yields. Indoors you can expect up to 400g/m2 and outdoors you could harvest as much as 550g/m2.


Indoors Mexican Sativa marijuana seeds will need 8 to 10 weeks of flowering and outdoors it will be ready to harvest around early to mid-October. When considering whether or not Mexican Sativa is the right choice for you, be aware that this strain can grow huge. Indoors you should allow for at least 2M and outdoors this strain can easily reach 3.5M. That’s vertical height, you also need to think about outward growth. This is really important because plants getting tangled up with each other leads to poor air flow, which reduces ventilation and basically extends an open invitation to the dreaded mould. Which would be particularly ironic, since this strain has really robust genetics and is therefore generally pretty resilient to mould, diseases and pests.

Mexican Sativa marijuana seeds

We’ve classed Mexican Sativa as a moderately difficult grow mainly because the only people who are likely to be able to leave it largely to its own devices outdoors will be people who live in the Mediterranean basin, which means that everyone else will not only have to manage light cycles, but will probably have to undertake at least some level of plant training to keep Mexican Sativa to a reasonable size for indoor grow spaces. This is not particularly difficult, especially if you’ve some experience pruning regular garden plants. Even if you don’t there’s plenty of advice online, both in the form of “how-to” articles and videos and on forums, but it is something extra to manage as compared to other strains.

If you’re prepared to tackle a steeper learning curve than with some other strains, then you do stand a decent chance of collecting a reasonable harvest. egardless of your level of experience or whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, you will have to take steps to manage odour. Indoors, you should have air filters in place by the middle of the flowering period at the latest. Outdoors, resist any temptation to assume that because this strain has an odour which resembles freshly-cut grass, your neighbours are unlikely to object to it. Remember that people only mow their lawns periodically and the smell tends to disappear quite quickly, this is definitely not the case with Mexican Sativa, where the smell will be ever-present and will get stronger and stronger over the course of the flowering period.


Mexican Sativa marijuana seeds

Mexican Sativa has a very unusual flavour and aroma, which is mainly fresh-cut grass, enhanced with spices. There are clear notes of both aniseed and sandalwood.

Bag Appeal

Mexican Sativa has the sort of classic good looks you expect from old-school Sativas. There are bright green nugs sprinkled with pretty orange pistils and dusted with frosty, white trichomes. The moderate THC level means that you might be able to break up these nugs with your fingers if you really needed to, but we’d still recommend a grinder.

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