Short Rider Autoflower

  • Our Score 4.4/5

With its indica dominant makeup and ruderalis genetics, Short Rider Auto possesses a stature so diminutive we can only presume this lead to its name. Short Rider Auto was created from breeding two discontinued strains from Nirvana Seeds’ back catalogue – Top 44 and Early Special.

  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Euphoric
  • Speed 10-11 Weeks
  • Height Short
  • Yield 300g-400g/m2
  • Harvest May-Oct

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Easy to grow
  • Short
  • Con's
  • Uplifting High
  • Medium Yields
  • Longer Flowering Time

Short Rider Autoflower Review

Short Rider Autoflower Review

Top 44 earned its name due to the swift 44 day flowering period it boasts, and Early Special is the ruderalis-based parent that puts the ‘auto’ in Short Rider Auto. Unlike other autoflowering plants, however, Short Rider Auto does not suffer from the unstable genetics and low yields that often mar this type of strain.

Needing no strict lighting schedule and staying small, Short Rider Auto makes the perfect plant for newbies, those with little time, or those simply too lazy to deal with the more demanding plants out there.


Short Rider Auto marijuana seeds

This is one great strain to unwind in the evening with. Offering a moderate yet above-average THC level that allows enjoyment without knocking you out, Short Rider Auto gives a long-lasting high that will see the hours drift by in a relaxing haze.

The effect is commonly described in terms of its quality, with many smokers claiming the strain provides a deep and enveloping sensation rarely found elsewhere. It begins with a slowly building head buzz that becomes very spacey as it reaches its peak. The rest of the effects gradually follow over the next 20 minutes, with the bodily sensations coming along after the head-based component comfortably settles in.

This bodily side of it involves a healthy dose of couch-lock, making sure you’re relaxing whether you want to or not! This does not make it the best strain to accompany those pesky household tasks, but it will take away the weight of the day’s worries with ease.

Despite this, Short Rider Auto is not the kind of strain to see you in a silent stupor all evening, and in fact may even increase your natural levels of chattiness and sociability. This may be due in part to the clear-headedness and sense of euphoria it gives to accompany its deep relaxing stone.

It is not commonly used as a medicinal strain, but Short Rider Auto may still be useful due to its medium CBD levels. These can assist with issues such as chronic pain and a variety of medical conditions that can interfere with a patient’s quality of life.


Being such a small fellow it is not surprising that Short Rider Auto is not the most voluminous yielder. This is hardly an issue, as will be explained shortly, and you will find the strain reliably producing 200-300g per m2 when grown indoors.


Short Rider Auto marijuana seeds

It’s relatively low yields are not to be viewed so negatively, however, as Short Rider Auto is such an easy-growing and undemanding plant that you’ll find it no problem to harvest enough for your needs.

As previously mentioned, its ruderalis genes and indica dominant nature mean that the strain stays at a low height – usually not even reaching a metre tall. This makes it great for stealth grows both indoors and out, but its autoflowering properties mean that it is best kept indoors where you can take advantage with a constant lighting schedule. Indeed, this strain is so small you may even be able to slip a couple of plants into a disused wardrobe or other piece of spacious home storage (provided it has ventilation).

Short Rider Auto will flower in a quick 6 to 8 weeks, allowing any yield-related inadequacies to be overcome by its quick turnover that lets you regularly top up your supply. This short flowering time certainly does not compromise the quality of the bud, and the yield can be maximised by growing the plant in a Sea of Green (SoG) setup. You won’t even need to place it in a separate room to any other ruderalis-tinged strains you may be growing, as their autoflowering properties allow them all to thrive equally when exposed to a constant light source.

Whilst an easy grow, Short Rider Auto does have a small list of demands. These include giving the plant plenty of nutrients and ensuring there is good air circulation around it, combined with the usual pruning that all such plants appreciate.


Short Rider Auto marijuana seeds

For all their benefits, autoflowering strains are not known for the pleasant complexities of their taste. That is not to say they cannot be enjoyed, however, and Short Rider Auto will be a treat for those who enjoy a skunk and hash-based pungency mixed in with an underlying delicate citrus fruitiness.

Bag Appeal

The scent of the strain closely follows its taste profile. Short Rider Auto doesn’t overpower but certainly lets you know of her presence, offering the same pungency and fruity notes found in the taste.

Its appearance is a fine example of what most will imagine when they visualise bud – a mild earthy green in round fairly dense nugs, inconspicuously promising the fun it gives in spades when smoked.

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