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White Widow

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White Widow is another classic strain and is widely used to produce hybrids. Any variety with “white” in its name probably includes White Widow genetics. The original White Widow is still going strong and continues to be popular with both growers and users.

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Growers love the fact that even though White Widow is 60% Sativa, the Indica genetics help to keep her height manageable and plants generally stop short of the 2 meter mark.  She is also robust and mould-resistant, although growers should go easy with water and fertilizer to avoid triggering mildew and pay close attention to ventilation for the same reason.  Looked after properly, White Widow will flower within 9 weeks and yield up to 450 g/sm.  White Widow can be grown outdoors, but needs a lot of sunlight and really prefers warmer climates.  Harvest outdoors is around early October.

Users new to White Widow should be aware that this strain can pack a punch, so it’s best to start with very small doses until you work out the right amount to give you a fresh and clear cerebral high, which stimulates creativity and aids focus.

Although White Widow has an uplifting effect, the flavour is very down to earth, in fact earthiness and woodiness are two of its most obvious qualities, it also has a degree of pungency.

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