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Originally founded in 1999, 420-Seeds.com has one single-minded goal:
To deliver the world’s finest genetics to your door, every time. As there tag line suggests 420-Seeds promote the fact that they cultivate only the highest quality strains available.

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As well as stocking there own range of around 60 different strains of feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds, 420-Seeds sells a huge variety of strains from the worlds best breeders.  Companies such as Sensi Seeds, Barney’s Farm and Fast buds are all available through the site with many more breeders and strains being added all the time.


The value customer receive is second to none. 420-Seeds is not only similarly priced or in some cases even cheaper then their competitors, but also has selected breeder promotions running all of the time changing fortnightly. This gives customers a chance to purchase their favourite breeders strains at discounted prices.

Along with great prices and discounts 420-Seeds offers free seeds with every order– no minimum spend required. The 420-free seed scheme gives you the choice to hand pick your free seeds. Just choose one of the three categories of frees from the list , then as your order value increases you unlock more and more goodies. This can accumulate to up to 9 free seeds with your order. If that’s not appealing to customers when looking for their next strain to grow we don’t know what is.


The website found at http://www.420-seeds.com/ may not be as flashy or graphic-heavy as other seed bank websites, but it’s just as effective. Every strain that 420-Seeds carries is listed right at the bottom at the home page with a brief description, so there’s not a lot of flipping through different web pages for users. There is also a separate breeder page that allows users to easily search for their favourites and access the catalogue of seeds stocked. The site also contains a search bar making it particularly easy for customers to find exact strains they want or groups of strains such as haze.

Other catergory pages available to customers on the site include the promos page. This page displays all of the current promotions running at the time, which if you are looking for the best deals on your seeds is where you will want to visit first.

A guide page also gives you tips and information about all things cannabis, from how to make rosin to where the term ‘420’ came from.

420-Seeds site does not contain a whole lot of information about the company itself, but does give clear details about payment information, shipping and a guarantee of quality.  In general the site is very easy to navigate with a nice sleek look to it.

Customer Service

Customer service is another aspect of the business that 420-Seeds prides themselves on. If your question can not be answered by looking through the FAQ page on the site then there is an email box to send your specific query through. Emails are usually answered within 24 hours by the helpful and knowledgeable customer service team. With 420-Seeds guarantee, if you pay for guaranteed shipping and your parcel does not arrive or the seeds have been damaged in some way, they will resend your package for you.


Shipment is global making it possible for anyone in the world to grow great seeds. Seeds are packaged in a crush-proof envelope so seeds arrive safely and undamaged, and 420-Seeds also has different stealth options ranging from plain envelopes to packages that have additional hidden security measures. Even the standard shipping option includes just a plain envelope without the words “cannabis” or “420” appearing anywhere on it.

420-Seeds is known by just about anyone that has ever tried to purchase cannabis seeds online, however there’s still too much unknown about them to really give them a five-star rating. It’s highly recommended that buyers choose an extremely secure payment method when purchasing from 420-Seeds, and that they track their shipment, when possible. When using these methods, 420-Seeds are sure to deliver some of the best marijuana strain seeds!

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