About us

Here at Marijuanaseedbanks.com we love three things more than anything:

1) The amazing plant that is Marijuana and all that it can do to benefit us all.
2) Great customer service and help when we need it;
3) Great value for money!

We have made it our mission to help people find the finest quality Marijuana seeds, at the best prices and delivered from genuine, legitimate seed suppliers that match our values.


Our site aims to give you a very easy to use and clear guide on to who the top 10 seed suppliers on the web are. We guage them on 4 main criteria: Service – they have to be a legitimate company that delivers what it says and stands behind its products. How easy they are to use – What payment methods do they accept? Do they have special offers in place, or do they do sales? Cost – Do you get value for money from this company? Basically all of the important stuff you need to know to make an informed choice about where to by your seeds.


We have also drawn upon the expertise of the breeders and seedbanks we work with to put together an in-depth growing guide. This guide covers many of the key points that you need to know when starting out or when you are ready to make progress into more complex yet rewarding growing techniques. There is also a whole section dedicated to marijuana strains, listing outstanding genetics from the classics to the cutting edge of Marijuana breeding.