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ACDC marijuana strain

We’re not sure why the name ACDC was chosen for this cannabis strain, which is essentially the autoflowering version of Cannatonic, but perhaps it’s a reference to the fact that although ACDC is 50% Sativa, it’s a strain with low THC and high CBD, basically exactly the opposite of what you would expect from its genetics.

  • Strength Medium/High
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Speed 7-8 Weeks
  • Height Short
  • Yield 450gr/m²+
  • Harvest Mid October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Great for treating conditions which respond to CBD
  • Good choice for people who want to avoid THC
  • Short and compact
  • Con's
  • Slower acting pain relief
  • Not to beginner friendly for autoflower
  • Odour control

ACDC Review


As previously mentioned, ACDC has low THC (around 2% to 6%) and high CBD (around 16% to 24%), giving it an average THC:CBD ratio of about 1:30.  At the lower end of the THC range, the psychoactive effects are, essentially, non-existent, while even at the upper end of the range, they are very mild.  Similar comments apply to the degree of fast-acting pain relief.  In other words, if you’re buying this strain, then you’re buying it for the CBD content and using it to treat CBD-responsive conditions, content/uploads/2019/02/ACDC.jpg”>especially anything involving spasms and/or seizures such as epilepsy.  In principle, it is best to keep ACDC for use at night, in practice this is the sort of medical cannabis strain which will probably be used as and when a person’s medical condition dictates, in which case the key point is to remember to allow yourself plenty of time to recover before undertaking anything complicated such as driving.


Indoors you can expect ACDC to reach a height of about 1.2M and to deliver about 450g/m2 and outdoors you can expect it to grow a bit bigger, although not much, and to deliver around 500g per marijuana plant.  This strain has quite a big appetite, especially for calcium and magnesium and you will need to keep it happy to achieve any sort of harvest.  The more confident you are about giving each marijuana plant maximum nourishment without overfeeding it, the better the harvest you can achieve. 


ACDC takes between 65 and 72 days to complete its growing cycle.  In principle, this applies regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors, in practice, cooler weather may slow down the growing cycle slightly, so you are recommended to take this into consideration when deciding when to plant your seeds.  In most climates, you are going to want to have your harvest collected by mid-October at the latest.  For the sake of completeness we should add that “colder” is a relative term.  This strain is not ideal for growing in very cold and/or wet climates, it very much prefers life in the warm and dry. 

For all its Sativa genetics, this strain grows very much in the Indica style, namely compact and bushy.  Notwithstanding this, you will probably find yourself needing to give each marijuana plant a bit of support as the bud develops.  You will also need to watch your spacing as this strain is not known for its resistance to mould, diseases and pests, which means that the onus is on you to manage your grow space and, in particular, to ensure good ventilation (and odour control is highly advisable too). 


If you’ve tried Cannatonic, then all you need to know is that ACDC smells and tastes pretty much identical to it.  If you haven’t then there is an earthy base which is topped off with notes of “sugar and spice” and fresh lemon citrus. Actually the sweetness is more wood and fruit than sugar and for spice, think Haze rather than Kush, peppery bite rather than hash depth.  The aroma and flavour are largely identical, but the flavour does have a clear edge of pepper and menthol pine which aren’t really present in the aroma. 

Bag Appeal

In the bag, ACDC looks exactly like the balanced hybrid it is in the sense that nugs are both dense and fluffy.  The low THC content means that there isn’t much to see in terms of resin crystals, but there are lots of cheerful orange hairs to compensate, plus you can usually get away with grinding these nugs by hand, although we always prefer using a proper grinder.  One point to note is that it would be a crying shame to go to the effort of growing your plants to perfection only to lose your bud during the curing process or in storage, so do remember that the importance of good ventilation still applies even after you’ve collected your harvest.  In particular, do not just assume that the standard 10-day curing period will be sufficient, make sure you actually check before you bag up your bud and be prepared to give your harvest longer to cure if need be.

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