Aurora Indica

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Indica dominant (90%) Aurora Indica has to have one of the cleverest names around. Aurora Borealis is the scientific name for the northern lights and Northern Lights is one half of Aurora Indica’s parentage, the other half being Afghani, Afghanistan, of course, being home of the Indica.

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Growers will, however, be pleased to know that Aurora Indica is far from being just a clever name.  It’s a compact and robust strain, which shows its Northern Lights ancestry through its coating of glittering, white resin crystals.  Indoors it will be ready in 9-11 weeks, while outdoor growers will be harvesting around mid-September, which is good news for growers in colder climates as it is early enough to beat autumn frosts.  Yields are respectable, coming in at around 300g/sm indoors.  Growers who operate an effective sea of green system could push this up to 400g/sm.

While Aurora Indica may be short in stature, it is high in potency.  In fact it’s probably one of the most potent Indicas out there.  It’s definitely one for night-time use and will provide pain relief and release from stress to ensure the user gets a great night’s sleep.  For all its potency it has a sweet and floral taste, with a hint of pine for freshness.

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