Auto Lemon Zkittle

  • Our Score 4.36/5
Auto Lemon Zkittle

Auto Lemon Zkittle is a 60% Sativa cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez, which although a relatively young strain has already become extremely popular for developing cannabis hybrids and has regularly demonstrated that it consistently passes on its good qualities to its progeny.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 10-11 Weeks
  • Height Short
  • Yield 500-600gr/m²+
  • Harvest Autoflowering

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Easy to grow
  • Compact for a sativa strain
  • Flexible enough to be used day or night
  • Con's
  • Fairly long grow time for an autoflower
  • Odour Control


Lemon Meringue Review


Even though Auto Lemon Zkittle is, as its name suggests, an autoflowering strain, it has an average of about 20% THC, which is enough for quick and effective pain relief and a high which is stimulating rather than potentially overwhelming.  The fact that Auto Lemon Zkittle is Sativa dominant means that the high is essentially light, refreshing and cerebral, but the 40% Indica genetics do help to keep everything anchored so the high is rather more laid back and relaxed than you’d expect from a pure Sativa.  The same comments apply in reverse to the body stone which follows.  The Indica genetics mean that it’s deep, warm and comforting, but the Sativa influence stops it from becoming too intense.  All in all, therefore, this is a very flexible cannabis strain, which can be used in the day time or in the evening.


Even though Auto Lemon Zkittle is a Sativa dominant it grows into a fairly petit marijuana plant.  Indoors it can stay as short as 1M in height and outdoors a realistic maximum would be about 1.3M, although if conditions are very good you may find that the occasional marijuana plant does grow a bit taller.  Notwithstanding this, it produces some pretty respectable yields.  You can look at up to 600g/m2 indoors and 400g per marijuana plant outdoors.

Another piece of good news is that Auto Lemon Zkittle is a very robust strain (largely thanks to the Skunk genetics in its background).  It is generally pretty tolerant of “beginner” mistakes such as under- or over-feeding and/or watering.  Basically, as long as you pay attention to good ventilation (which prevents a whole host of marijuana-growing problems) then you should be able to collect a decent harvest.  Robust odour control is also strongly recommended for the sake of your nostrils and to maintain good relations with your neighbours.

It’s worth noting that although autoflowering strains do not respond to “proper” plant training (such as sea-of-green/screen-of-green methods), you do still have the option to increase your harvest through basic pruning.  Essentially you want to ensure that the shape of your plants allows the light to reach the entire plant rather than just the uppermost leaves.  This will encourage bud production.  You will also need to ensure that you provide your plants with enough space to grow outwards as well as upwards and, if you are growing indoors, that your containers are a suitable size.


On average Auto Lemon Zkittle needs about 75 days to go from seed to harvest (assuming about 20 hours of daily light).  Please note, however, that although autoflowering strains switch to flowering as a result of growing time rather than lighting, their growth cycle is still not a completely exact science.  If you have a particularly heavy-yielding phenotype then it may need an extra week or two even indoors and if you are growing outdoors then you probably want to assume that this strain will need about 100 days to be ready.

As a final point, even though autoflowering strains can, in theory, be grown at any time of year, in practice, the fact that they need to be kept warm and dry and to have plenty of light means that outdoor growers will still need to think about the climate in their area before deciding when they can plant their seeds.


As you’d expect from the name and breeding Auto Lemon Zkittle is a fruity-fresh strain with lots of emphasis on citrus flavours, especially lemon.  There is, however, an undercurrent of Skunk and spice to provide strength and depth.  The aroma mirrors the flavour very closely.  It’s worth noting that even though many people love the odour produced when this strain is smoked, not everyone appreciates it, particularly since it’s on the strong side so you might want to give a bit of thought to when and where you smoke.

Bag Appeal

Auto Lemon Zkittle is actually quite a fun strain to look at in a bag.  Not only are the buds large and covered with eye-catching resin crystals, but they’re also very colourful.  In fact, colours can range from a zingy green to a bright, sunshiney yellow.  Nugs are moderately dense, we’d certainly recommend a grinder, although it has to be said we usually do.

Auto Lemon Zkittle

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