Skull Ryder

    auto skull ryder strain

    Skull Ryder is an Indica-dominant cross between Lowryder and Bubble Bud.

    • Strength 12%
    • Stone Calming
    • Speed 70 Days
    • Height Small
    • Yield 350g/m2+
    • Harvest September

    Our Verdict

    • Pro's
    • Compact
    • Easy
    • Calming
    • Con's
    • Low THC
    • Low Yields
    • Low Resin Production

    Skull Ryder Review

    Skull Ryder has become a popular choice with people looking for a cannabis strain with low potency, decent taste and undemanding growing requirements. 


    As previously mentioned, Skull Ryder has a very moderate THC content, ranging between 6% and 12%.  It also has moderate CBD.  It is strong enough to treat the niggling pains of chronic conditions, such as tension headaches, rheumatism and mild arthritis. This is why Skull Ryder has become such a popular choice amongst people who have conditions which are best described as “persistent nuisances”. 

    With the THC range you will experience a happy but relaxed head buzz. It will put you in a really good mood rather than overwhelm you.  As the mental buzz ebbs, it will be replaced by a very mellow, warm and comforting body stone. A sometimes-overlooked bonus of lower-THC strains is that they make you much less hungry.


    Like its Lowryder parent, Skull Ryder is one tiny little cannabis plant.  Left to its own devices it will probably stay around the 30cm mark. Even if growing conditions are exceptionally good, it’s highly unlikely that you will see any of your plants stretch beyond 60cm.  Obviously, there’s a limit to how much bud such very small plants can physically hold. There’s also a limit to how much rough treatment they can forgive before it starts to impact on the harvest.   

    Therefore, although 40g per marijuana plant is a reasonable expectation for the average grower. Total beginners should be aware that they may collect as little as 15g per marijuana plant.  Experienced growers, on the other hand, could collect as much as 60g per marijuana plant.  In the unlikely event that you want to grow a larger batch of this strain, your harvest would probably work out at around 350g/m2 or a bit more if you are a really skilled grower. 


    Like many compact strains, Skull Ryder is a speedy mover.  There is a total grow time (seed to bud) of 60 to 70 days of which about 15 to 18 days will be spent in the vegetative stage. But as soon as the first preflowers appear, you’ll see Skull Ryder really spring to life and charge onwards and outward. Iit tends to develop one, (relatively) large central cola. For all its Indica genetics, there really isn’t that much in the way of side branching.  Although it does follow the classic, Indica “Christmas tree” growing style, it’s a very slimmed down Christmas tree.  

    This does make this strain very space-efficient, but this can be a bit of a double-edged sword since overcrowding a growing space almost inevitably leads to poor ventilation. This can generally lead to all kinds of problems including the horror of mould.  By contrast, good ventilation goes a long way to ensuring a successful harvest. 


    Skull Ryder may not be a connoisseur’s strain, but it does have a taste most people are likely to enjoy, or at least find palatable.  The top notes are fruity and the base notes are earthy.  It’s not particularly complex, but it is very pleasant.  The aroma mirrors the taste and one big plus about this strain is that the smoke is very smooth (assuming you’ve cured your bud properly) 

    Bag Appeal

    Although Skull Ryder only has a sprinkling of those frosty resin crystals which can look so pretty, there are enough of them to set off its vibrant green leaves and orange hairs.  

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