Auto Smoothie

  • Our Score 4.3/5

Auto Smoothie is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Somango and Blueberry.  It’s a very compact marijuana plant, but it’s still very effective as well as very tasty! 

  • Strength 24%
  • Stone Body Buzz
  • Speed 8-9 Weeks
  • Height Short
  • Yield 300g/m2+

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Very compact plant
  • Delicious, fruity taste
  • Smooth smoke, especially for an Indica-dominant cannabis strain
  • Con's
  • Moderate Yields
  • Strong enough to bring on the marijuana munchies
  • Odour control is vital

Auto Smoothie Review


Even though Auto Smoothie is an autoflowering cannabis strain, it can have up to 24% THC and low CBD.  This sort of THC level is enough to deliver some serious pain relief.  The high, however, is a bit more chilled than you might expect just from looking at the headline figures.  It’s euphoric and energising, but it won’t blow you away, like a Sativa-based strain might.

Likewise, the CBD is at a level which won’t leave you couchlocked for hours.  It will, however, leave you feeling very warm and cosy and secure.  You’re definitely not going to want to get up, so make sure you have some snacks and drinks handy.  As the body buzz wears off, you can either drift into sleep or gradually prepare yourself to face the world.

Overall, Auto Smoothie is a nicely flexible strain.  It can be used for pain-relief, as a wake-and-bake strain or to treat negative emotional states.  As always, if you use it in the daytime, please ensure to refocus before doing anything complicated, particularly driving.


Indoors, Auto Smoothie can produce about 300g/m2.  Outdoors it can produce up to about 300g per plant.  Experienced growers can increase this substantially through the use of Low Stress Training and Sea/Screen of Green systems.

Even the basic yields are actually pretty reasonable given that this strain is very compact.  Indoors, it can stay as short as 80cm in height.  Outdoors it can grow up to 1.1M in height.  In addition to being helpfully short, it also grows into a marijuana plant with a very nice shape.  Overall it does look like an Indica.  In other words, it grows a large main cola along with some lower side branches.  At the same time, however, there’s good inter-nodal spacing.

In general, Auto Smoothie is very robust.  It’s a great strain for beginners.  In fact, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants a low-hassle grow with solid results.

As usual, the key to a successful grow is good ventilation.  The plants’ structure helps with this.  It is, however, still very important to ensure that they have space to spread outward as well as upward.  Resist any temptation to pop in an extra plant or two because they’re so small.

Good odour control is also highly recommended.  Indoors, you’ll want to have carbon filters in place by the end of week 6 at the absolute latest.  Once flowering really gets serious, the odour can get to be a bit too much of a good thing.  Outdoors, think about your neighbours when you’re siting your plants.


Auto Smoothie has a complete cultivation cycle of 8 to 9 weeks of which about 7 is usually spent in flower.  As this strain is autoflowering, there is no outdoor harvest period as such.  Growers will, however, need to take the weather into consideration.  In other words, avoid putting your plants outside at times of the year, when it’s likely to be cold and/or wet.

Even in the warmer months, choose your growing site with care.  Most places can still have at least the odd bad-weather day, so you’ll need to ensure that your plants have some level of protection from the elements.  Alternatively, you could take advantage of this strain’s petit dimensions and grow it under glass.  In fact, this could be a very good option for growers in the north of Europe and beyond.


This strain really does taste like a fruit smoothie or at least a fruit dessert.  The base is a creamy vanilla custard and this is topped with tropical fruit and berries galore.  Obviously there’s plenty of mango and blueberry, but there’s also a bit of citrus for balance.  You’ll get the very best flavour if you flush at least 10 days before the expected end of the growing cycle. 

As an added bonus, Auto Smoothie is also a very smooth smoke.  Even though it’s an Indica dominant, it’s very unlikely to trigger coughing. 

Bag Appeal 

Auto Smoothie looks a bit like an old-school fruit sweet, dusted with plenty of sugar.  Once you look past the THC crystals, you’ll see warm orange hairs and bright green leaves, possibly with a few dashes of purple as well.  The nugs are very solid.  They’ll crumble a bit when you touch them, but you’ll still want to use a grinder to break them open properly.  When you do, take a moment (at least) to enjoy that fruity smell.

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