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After visiting the website even just once, visitors know that it’s so much more than a seed bank. Not only can growers find strains from some of the best breeders in the world (including Sensi Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds), they also offer smokers and vapers a plethora of products. While some won’t be able to find everything they need, such as growers wanting seeds shipped outside of the UK, everyone will be able to find something.

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Azarius began as a physical storefront in the Netherlands, started by a young couple, and this store still operates today. Like the online store, everything from vaporizers to mushrooms is available, and the staff is known for being super friendly and very helpful.


Azarius might just beat every other online seed bank when it comes to the variety they offer but to be fair to their competitors, it is because they sell so much more than seeds. Big Bud, Northern Lights, and Amnesia Haze are just a few of the high-quality strains Azarius sells. In all, Azarius has hundreds of strains, so growers will never be short of choice. While Azarius does largely rely on breeders for their seeds, users will also be able to find some homemade strains made by Azarius. But seeds are really just the beginning with this online seed bank.

By wandering over to Azarius’ Smartshop, one can find anything they need to relax, become energized, or become an at-home connoisseur. Here is where Azarius begins to expand on their selection, offering customers everything from mushrooms to do-it-yourself absinth-making kits. The selection is huge and includes both psychedelic and non-psychedelic items.

Over in the Headshop, smokers and growers will find everything they need to make cannabis more convenient and enjoyable. Scales, grinders, pipes, bongs, and even extraction systems can be found here, so even beginners can start to expand on their experience.

In the Lifestyle section, Azarius offers consumers multiple ways to celebrate their smoking lifestyle. Shirts and other clothing is available, as are books, incense and hemp products. One of the most interesting pieces in Lifestyle is the Drugs test EZ Test. This test will actually test any cannabis, letting the user know exactly what it is and what’s in it.

The variety that Azarius offers has to be the pride of the website. And there’s so much offered that it can actually be a bit overwhelming at first. But, anyone who enjoys cannabis will greatly benefit from spending just a few minutes on the site and learning about all the things they offer.


Pricing is an area in which Azarius falls significantly below their competitors. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the company relies mainly on breeders, developing just a few of their own strains, that the cost of purchasing seeds from Azarius is so high. But on some of the top strains, such as Bubblegum and AK-47, consumers will be paying three to four times as much than they will when ordering from a competitor.

Customers also won’t be able to collect loyalty points or awards when shopping on Azarius, but they will get a free seed with every seed order. While this is fewer than three to five often give out on other websites, there doesn’t seem to be a minimum purchase amount, meaning every seed customer gets one!


Again, the Azarius website can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, it is nicely divided into their Seed Shop, Headshop, Vaporizers, Smartshop, and Lifestyle sections. Each of those sections is divided into sub-sections, making it easier for users to navigate through and find what they want fairly quickly and easily. And, if there’s something missing from the Azarius website, the chances are that no one needs it.

Customer Service

Azarius prides themselves on their excellent customer service, providing the physical address of their storefront along with telephone and fax numbers, and an email address. Contacting the store in any way will get customers a quick reply time, and the company states that they try to answer all email inquiries within one business day.


If there’s one area that leaves users most disappointed with Azarius, it’s with their delivery options. Based out of the UK, they will ship fresh orders (seeds, mushrooms, herbs, etc.) within the UK only, leaving international customers to search for another seed bank. The multitude of other, non-fresh products Azarius offers (bongs, vaporizers, etc.) can be shipped internationally, but it can be frustrating for those outside the UK, wanting to get everything in one place.

Azarius offers just about everything that any grower, smoker, or consumer could ever want – as long as that consumer is in the UK. Outside of this area, the items Azarius has to offer does drop significantly, but there’s still plenty to choose from. And those who are in the UK will say that, while they may be a bit pricier than other seed banks, the seeds obtained from Azarius are some of the best in the world.


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