Banana Bomb

  • Our Score 4.7/5

Banana Bomb is an Indica-dominant cross between THC Bomb and Banana Kush.  It’s one of the tastiest cannabis strains around.  It’s also full of great medical benefits. 

  • Strength 20-22%
  • Stone Heady buzz leading to body stone
  • Speed 7-9 Weeks
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 600/m2+
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Big yields
  • Exquisite Flavour
  • good resistance to mould, diseases and pests
  • Con's
  • This strain can grow big, really big.
  • Guaranteed Munchies
  • Very strong smell

Banana Bomb Review

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Even though Banana Bomb is 80% Indica, it still has around 20% to 22% average THC and around 0.5% to 1% CBD.  The THC provides a very decent amount of pain relief.  It also provides a bright and breezy head buzz.  This is happy and upbeat but much more chilled than you’d expect from a Sativa with the same level of THC. 

The body stone which follows is everything you’d expect from a classic Kush.  It’s super-mellow and super-comfortable.  You may not be actually couchlocked, at least not straight away, but you definitely won’t want to get up.  This means it’s a good idea to be prepared with some snacks and drinks for when the marijuana munchies strike. 

Overall, Banana Bomb is best suited to use in the evening.  The THC will cleanse your mind of negativity and/or your body of pain.  Then you can just settle down and relax while the CBD does its good work.  If you really want (or need) to use this strain in the daytime, then please make sure that you’re totally refocused before doing anything complicated, especially driving. 


Indoors, Banana Bomb will have a typical growing range of 1.2M to 1.4M and can deliver a yield of up to 600g/m2.  Even indoors, however, you should be prepared for the occasional marijuana plant with a mind of its own, which wants to grow bigger.  This means that you either have to have plenty of vertical space, or be prepared to get to grips with plant training. 

Outdoors, the sky is the limit, literally and figuratively.  If growing conditions are good, each cannabis seed can turn into a 3M-tall marijuana plant.  Realistically, you should be able to collect at least 500g per marijuana plant.  You could collect double that.  In fact, the outdoor harvests can be so huge that you need to stake the branches to keep them from breaking under the weight. 

This strain may not be the best option for absolute beginners.  It’s photoperiod, which means you need to know how to manage light cycles (assuming you’re growing indoors).  It can also get very big, which means you either need to be able to train it down to size or handle larger plants confidently.  Even though Banana Bomb has good resilience to mould, diseases and pests, big plants have big appetites.  They need lots of food and water – but if you overdo it, you risk killing them with kindness. 

In short, if you’ve already managed at least one autoflowering grow, you’ll probably be absolutely fine with this strain.  If you’ve already managed at least one photoperiod grow, then you’ll probably find this strain very easy to manage due to its robustness and unfussy nature. 


Indoors, Banana Bomb needs about 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time.  The outdoor harvest is late September to early October.  Both sets of timings will depend partly on the plant itself and partly on whether your priority is speed or maximum THC and harvest. 

This strain really needs to be kept warm and dry in order to be happy (and productive).  Outside of the Mediterranean basin, growers will need to be very careful to keep their plants well-protected from the elements.  There’s so much bud that it can take a long time to dry out and while it’s drying, your plants are vulnerable to mould.  Likewise, strong winds can, literally, strip your plants bare.  It can also carry scent a very long way, which may not go down well with your neighbours.  If you’re up to plant training, then you might want to try splitting the difference and growing this strain in a greenhouse.  That way you get to use the free sunlight but still protect your plants. 



Even though this strain is called Banana Bomb, in terms of flavour and aroma, it might as well be called Banana Kush.  It’s a bit sweeter than your average Kush, but essentially it’s creamy banana blended with warm, hash spices.

Bag Appeal 

Banana Bomb has orange hairs rather than yellow ones, but they still add a nice dash of colour to set off the green leaves and bright, frosty trichomes.  Nugs are dense and sticky.  A grinder may not be an absolute must, but it’s certainly a very good idea.  Once these nugs start to crumble apart, the aroma will literally make your mouth water.

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