Berry Bomb Auto

  • Our Score 5/5
Berry Bomb Auto by Bomb Seeds

Berry Bomb was a fortuitously sublime strain created by crossing Blueberry and Bomb #1 and proved to be incredibly popular.

  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Buzz
  • Speed 70 Days
  • Height 70cm-120cm
  • Yield 300g-350g/m2
  • Harvest May-Oct

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Easy to grow
  • Delicious Taste
  • Con's
  • Medium Height
  • More Indica
  • Longer Flowering Time

Berry Bomb Auto Review

Berry Bomb Auto Review

Why do so many great strains emerge from the Netherlands? There are likely plenty of reasons for this, but the most important thing is that we continue to get beauties like Berry Bomb Auto available for our enjoyment. Created with the intent of making an autoflowering version of the original Berry Bomb, this newest iteration by Bomb Seeds does just that and plenty more.

Berry Bomb was a fortuitously sublime strain created by crossing Blueberry and Bomb #1 and proved to be incredibly popular. Of course developing a new ruderalis imbued version of any classic will always be a risk, and it takes deftness and skill to pull off such a feat with success. Luckily those smart people at Bomb Seeds had the confidence to give it a shot, and in this case it seriously paid off.

The result of their skilful dabblings was Berry Bomb Auto, a strain that kept the powerful growth and incredible taste of the original whilst imbuing it with autoflowering properties. Some even disregard the notion that the ruderalis component’s inclusion did anything to diminish the original’s power and charm, making Berry Bomb Auto the perfect upgrade if ever there was one.


Berry Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

Those prone to treating autoflowering strains with disregard due to their perceived lack of potency need to spend an evening or two with Berry Bomb Auto. Its 15-20% THC level will catch the condescending off guard with a blast that will blow you backwards into the sofa and keep you there with its indica-dominant grip.
Having said this, there is a 15% sativa component to Berry Bomb Auto that complements its 85% indica effects and is actually felt before the bodily side begins. This comes in the form of a gentle cerebral buzz that is far from overpowering and effectively clears the mind in preparation for the thick physical effects that are to follow.

This mild but welcome mental component raises your spirits and soon gives way to a couch-locking indica rush that is perfect for evening and late-night use, or even to usher in an afternoon nap. Naturally these effects can have medical as well as recreational uses, and the 1% CBD level of Berry Bomb Auto greatly assists this.
Its physically relaxing effects can be used to ward off stress and its sedating nature can banish insomnia even with moderate quantities consumed. Your appetite will also get a good boost from Berry Bomb Auto’s munchies-inducing properties, while some find it sometimes assists in handling depression and alleviating physical pains.


Berry Bomb Auto is no monster yielder but when grown in good conditions will supply you with a very reasonable amount of bud. Skilled growers should be able to coax 300-350g per m2 of high quality nugs out of the strain.


Berry Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

For an indica dominant ruderalis mixed strain this certainly is one tall plant, reaching a lanky 70-120cm in height. This is all relative, however, and even at its tallest will still offer an easily concealed and hardy growing plant that is anything but high maintenance. Flowering in only 6 to 8 weeks, Berry Bomb Auto will demand very little attention from you, though it will do well in a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup due to its thick single kola and spacious intermodal distances. It also seems to do very well in a hydroponic setup, though more particular growers prefer to keep it in soil to enhance the flavour that Berry Bomb Auto is so well known for.

Outdoor growers shouldn’t have too much difficulty either, the disease and mould resistant genetics of the plant keeping it healthy and its tough nature letting it handle cooler climates with ease. These cool night-time temperatures may even be a boon for growers as the chill air often brings out the latent bluish purple colouring during the flowering period. The last two weeks of flowering are especially interesting as the buds quickly become irresistibly thick with resin and trichomes.

Well planned growing schedules can see you net multiple outdoor harvests between May and October, taking advantage of the plant’s more vigorous outdoor growth. This is helped by providing the kind of Mediterranean climate beloved by so many strains, though it will withstand humidity and frigid temperatures easily enough too.


Berry Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

With one of the strain’s crowning glories being how closely it retained its Berry Bomb ancestor’s flavour, it is no surprise that Berry Bomb Auto exhibits the kind of rich fruity taste that lets you know it is a direct descendent of Blueberry.

This sweetness is accompanied by a deep earthiness that together form the basis of the strain’s smooth smoke. Dig deeper and you will get bits of citrus and vanilla sitting comfortably in the mix.

Bag Appeal

The berry and earth flavours that dominate the taste make a strong reappearance in the scent too, with these notes becoming immediately apparent. Those not overly enamoured with the scent alone will find plenty to love in the appearance of the bud, however, with each thick nug being richly frosted in trichomes.

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