Big Bomb Auto

  • Our Score 5/5
Big Bomb Auto by Bomb Seeds

The legendary monster yielder is back and better than ever with Big Bomb Auto. The original Big Bomb was already a commercial grower’s dream with its hardy growing and quick flowering nature, but now it’s been given the once over with the inclusion of some well-received ruderalis genes.

  • Strength 15%
  • Stone All round buzz
  • Speed 75-85 Days
  • Height 65-95cm
  • Yield 500g/m2
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • High Yielder
  • Easy to grow
  • Short
  • Con's
  • Mid THC levels
  • Longer flowering time
  • Buzz

Big Bomb Auto Review

Big Bomb Auto Review


Big Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

Big Bomb may have had its focus on big yields but it never neglected the importance of being a good smoke, and Big Bomb Auto proudly continues this in the strain’s newer iteration. This fun factor is fuelled by the strain’s moderate 10-15% THC level that will be easily enjoyed by veteran smokers without scaring off the newbies either.

Big Bomb Auto will offer great bang for your buck not just on the yield front but in its effects too, providing an all-over buzz that will last for hours. It comes on quick, offering a smooth relaxing effect that can be enjoyed whether you are looking for a cerebral high or a rich consuming bodily stone. Neither of these effects is too intense either, making Big Bomb Auto a strain to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

It also has a number of medicinal qualities that it can be used for, being especially effective at offering pain relief and dealing with insomnia by lulling you into a deep sleep.


Autoflowering or not, no strain deserves to named after Big Bomb unless it can produce the explosive sized yields that the original is so famous for. Luckily Big Bomb Auto earns the right to its name by providing 450-500g of quality bud per m2 indoors, with outdoor grows being equally prolific in their yields.

Getting such results from an auto strain would have been unthinkable until recently and giving Big Bomb the autoflowering treatment could have easily diminished these yields. However, thanks to Bomb Seeds’ skilful cross of the original Big Bomb with a carefully selected ruderalis we can enjoy the best of both worlds.



Auto strains are usually associated with reliability and a general lack of ostentation, but Big Bomb Auto has a real flair for the dramatic as it shows meagre progress in its initial stages before erupting into a shower of bud in its final two weeks. At this point the nugs begin to rapidly grow and become palpably dense, and you may even need to support them in this time to stop them breaking off.

Despite these dramatic yields and growth patterns, Big Bomb Auto is visually a very unassuming plant. It will stay at a short 65-95cm and displays a bushy growth pattern with plenty of bud sites, clearly demonstrating the indica and ruderalis influence in its genes as it races through its short 75-85 days flowering time if grown indoors.

Those who do wish to keep the plant inside will find its small stature convenient for a stealth grow, being able to fit into many smaller places that are unsuitable for larger plants. If you do wish to do so then it would be wise to consider growing the plant in hydroponics and a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup to maximise its already generous yields.

Outdoor growing is also a very realistic option, with Big Bomb Auto’s mould and disease resistant genetics helping it handle a wide range of environments, including those cooler ones that northern European growers have to contend with. Plant it early enough and you may find yourself getting multiple harvests from early June through to October.

Yet whether you are attempting your first ScrOG setup or your first outdoor grow in a less hospitable climate, Big Bomb Auto is worth a shot. Its tough genetics and low-maintenance nature means that is can offer the perfect strain to learn the ropes with, though it will of course prefer to be looked after well.


In the rush to talk about its yields, the finer points of Big Bomb Auto can easily be overlooked. This is a shame as its taste is a pleasure and even offers a better quality flavour than the original Big Bomb. Taking all that made the original enjoyable on the palette and adding some extra sweetness, Big Bomb Auto has a taste that is worth enjoying.

Bag Appeal

Those swelling hard nugs mentioned above provide one great product for commercial growers and a joy for those looking to enjoy the strain themselves. The buds are solid, thick with resin and covered in dusty trichomes and greeny-yellow pistils. The scent is similar to Big Bomb’s, with a distinctive skunkiness that comes through more strongly than the sweetness in the taste.

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