Big Bud Automatic

  • Our Score 5/5

First developed in the Netherlands, Big Bud Automatic was born when the original Big Bud was crossed with a ruderalis to provide it with autoflowering properties. The result was one of the largest yielding autoflowerers of its era.

  • Strength 15-18%
  • Stone Stone
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height 60cm-100cm
  • Yield 400g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Massive Yields for an Auto
  • Ideal for indoor setups
  • Con's
  • Strong Stone
  • Odour Control
  • Skunk Taste

Big Bud Automatic Review

Big Bud Automatic Review


Big Bud Automatic marijuana seeds

Anyone familiar with Big Bud will be immediately familiar with the effects of this close relative. It is 80% indica with a medium THC content level, giving you that deep and satisfying indica stone while remaining enjoyable and manageable.

As you would expect of a good quality indica, the effects of smoking Big Bud Automatic are highly relaxing and somewhat immobilising. This really is a genuine couchlock strain that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Despite how relaxing it is, however, the stone is intense and long-lasting which makes it a highly enjoyable recreational strain.

It is both cerebral and highly physical, aided no doubt by the thick layer of trichomes on the bud. Meanwhile its good balance of THC and CBD means Big Bud Automatic is suitable for treating a wide range of medical ailments, including insomnia, stress, anxiety and chronic pain.


This is the area in which the original Big Bud really shone, providing weighty yields of quality bud that made it so popular with commercial growers. Big Bud Automatic may not be quite as generous due to the inclusion of its ruderalis genes, but a well-tended indoor growth will still net you 400g per m2.


Considering Big Bud Auto is composed almost entirely of indica and ruderalis genes, it surprisingly grows to a respectable 60-95cm. As it grows the plant will adopt a squat and bushy appearance, typical of an indica-dominant strain. It is also surprisingly easy to grow, making this low-maintenance autoflowering wonder a simple path to a big harvest.

Growing the plant indoors under lights is what it really likes best. Big Bud Automatic will thrive in a hydroponic setup on a 20/4 lighting schedule, though it also responds well to soil too. The plant can be helped to reach its potential by using the Screen of Green (SCRoG) growing method, with it flowering in a quick 45-60 days.

Growing the plant outdoors will also likely see positive results as long as conditions are not too severe. Due to the ruderalis in its genes, Big Bug Automatic is fairly resistant to the chill climate of more northern latitudes that can help growers in the cooler European lands. This ruderalis side also means the plant will handle irregular light patterns much better than non-autoflowering strains (ideal for the unpredictable weather found in north Europe). The plant’s hardy genetics will make it very resistant to diseases and pests, whilst its diminutive height means Big Bud Automatic can make a great stealth grow, both indoors and out.

Your outdoor harvest will come as early as the middle of June should you plant early enough (straight after the frosts have passed), though it may come anywhere up to October too. The plant does enjoy a lot of sunlight, however, and this will be necessary if you wish to see Big Bud Auto reach its potential outdoors.

As the plant grows you will notice that most bud production occurs on the main stem and higher branches. These budding sites will not be increased by topping the plant due to the autoflowering nature of it. The height of the plant, however, can be controlled by pruning it late in the growing phase. Regardless of this, the branches of the plant will likely be weighed down from all the bud it produces, meaning they may need supporting to prevent them breaking off.


While Big Bud Automatic may be best known for its hefty yields, the taste of the strain is certainly worth taking the time to appreciate too. Starting with a solid skunky base, a rich sweet fruitiness makes itself known that contrasts well with the skunk notes.
These flavours are even more pronounced when the bud is cured, becoming stronger and making the ancestry of the strain evident.

Bag Appeal

Much like its taste, Big Bud Automatic has a skunky scent that gives the strain an overall pungency. This earthy note is joined by a hidden sweetness that will reveal itself to the more delicate noses out there. The result is a mixture of earthy, musky and sweet scents combined with the familiar smell of hash.

The buds on Big Bud Auto grow tight and compact, retaining plenty of their size and weight even after they have been dried and cured. This is accompanied by a thick coating of resin to make a strain that is as fun to smoke as it is to grow.

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