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Big Bud Cannabis
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One of the most classic strains around, Big Bud is a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights and it is believed that either Skunk #1 or Haze was also included. The strain has been around since at least the 1980s, starting life in the U.S. and then being moved to the safe haven of the Netherlands to protect it from the war on drugs.

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Growers should know that Big Bud gets its name for a reason.  In spite of being 85% Indica this strain really is big, it really does produce a whole lot of big buds and is absolutely packed with resin.  For this reason, beginners may want to look elsewhere since this variety needs quite some degree of management and growers will often need to prop up stems with supports to stop them from snapping off with the weight of the buds.  It can also be challenging to break up these buds as they are so full of resin they become very sticky.  The reason experienced growers love Big Bud, however, is that it gives simply amazing yields of both leaf and resin.  Up to 600g/sm is perfectly realistic.

Users love Big Bud because it delivers that classic Indica stone, numbing pain and bringing on deep and relaxing sleep.  Obviously this is a variety for night time use.  Its flavour has sweet top notes, but woodiness and earthiness underneath.

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