Blue Mystic

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All that’s known for sure about Blue Mystic is that it’s an Indica dominant hybrid created by Nirvana Seeds. The most widely-accepted theory is that it’s a cross between Blueberry and Northern Lights.

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As an Indica, Blue Mystic stays nicely compact at around a metre and growers who are going for maximum yield can keep the top of the plant trimmed down and encourage it to grow outwards.  Under optimal conditions, Blue Mystic can produce 500g/sm indoors.  It can grow outdoors but really needs a warm, sunny climate to do well.  Indoors it will be ready for harvest in about 8 weeks and this is the time to pick if flavour is your main concern.  If, however, you are willing to sacrifice some of the intensity of the blueberry taste for maximum yield, you can wait another couple of weeks for more bud.

While its parentage may be shrouded in mystery, Blue Mystic’s medical effectiveness is beyond doubt.  It has been described as being like intravenous pain relief.  This is a full-on strain so best kept for night-time use when the total-body relaxation will guide you into quality sleep.  The flavour is exactly what you’d expect from the name and if the plant is harvested when young, it really can taste like actual blueberries.

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