Blue Venom

  • Our Score 4.38/5
Blue Venom Marijuana Strain

Although the name “Blue Venom” might make you think that this cannabis strain is derived from either one or both of the well-known “Poison” lines (Green or Durban) or Venom OG, it is, in fact, a 70% Indica cross between two popular favourites, Blueberry and White Widow.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 8-9 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 350-550gr/m²+
  • Harvest Early October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Great genetics makes this strain very reliable
  • Delicious, fruity-sweet taste
  • Reasonable chance of being able to make your plants turn blue/purple
  • Con's
  • Can be to sweet for some people
  • Odour Control
  • Not for Beginners


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Although Blue Venom is very much Indica dominant, it has an average of 20% THC.  This can vary with growing conditions, but it is unlikely to dip below 16% or to go above 23%.  Average CBD content is about 0.29%.

What this means in practice is that to begin with you will experience fast-acting pain relief and a high which starts as uplifting and can build up towards great happiness, even euphoria.  In many cases focus is improved, users feel their senses are heightened and that they have a better creative flow.  At the same time, however, Blue Venom is very much Indica dominant so the high is more mellow and chilled than you would expect from a pure Sativa.

Once the initial high has ebbed, the Indica traits come straight into the foreground and coax users into a feeling of deep and peaceful relaxation, although the fact that this strain is 30% Sativa does keep the overall feeling lighter than it would be in a pure Indica strain.  In other words, expect introspection rather than heavy fogginess or extended couch lock.

This strain will, eventually, cause you to feel drowsy, so it’s really best kept for use at night.  If you must use it during the day, be sure to allow plenty of recovery time before undertaking any complex activity, especially driving.


Even though Blue Venom is 30% Sativa, it stays about average height for a photoperiod Indica marijuana plant.  In other words, it has an indoor minimum height of about 1M and an outdoor maximum height of 1.5M.  As always, if you can provide exceptionally good growing conditions, then you may find that a marijuana plant or two may grow a bit taller.  Yields are also in line with what you would expect from a high-quality photoperiod Indica, namely about 350g/m2 to 550g/m2 indoors and up to 1Kg per marijuana plant indoors.

Overall Blue Venom is a very robust and unfussy strain, which will grow equally well indoors or outdoors.  There are, however, a few points to keep in mind when preparing your grow.  Above all, you will need to allow space for this strain to grow outwards as well as upwards.  This is important with all cannabis strains and particularly so with this one because the buds are both large and dense which means that if they get wet (or even just damp) and there is no flow of fresh air to dry them off quickly, then you are just about asking for a case of the dreaded mould.

In an ideal world, you want your buds to avoid getting wet in the first place, which is where indoor growers have a distinct advantage and which is why outdoor growers need to be careful about their choice of growing site.

For the most part, we’d say that this strain is a feasible choice for beginners, especially if they have some experience of gardening and/or are growing outdoors.  Beginners growing indoors might want to cut their teeth with an autoflowering strain first but if you’re confident you can handle light cycles and/or you’ve already grown an autoflowering strain successfully, then this strain could be a great choice.



Blue Venom will be ready after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering (indoors) or in late September to early October (outdoors).  It gets rather fragrant towards the latter end of the flowering period, so indoor growers will want to have air filters in place by then and outdoor growers will want to keep that in mind when considering where to site their plants.


The taste of Blue Venom is very much a reflection of the Blueberry side of the parentage.  It’s absolutely full of fruits, especially berries and in particular, of course, blueberries.  There really isn’t much of the way of Skunk.  The aroma, by contrast, does have light Skunk undertones, although the fruitiness is very much to the fore.

Bag Appeal

Although the “Blue” in “Blue Venom” is essentially a reference to the parentage, if you’re lucky, you may be able to induce some blue or purple colouring if you expose it to cooler conditions at night.  Even if you can’t manage that, this strain is still very pleasing to the eye with its combination of frosty THC crystals and warm green leaves with orange hairs.

Blue venom bud

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