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Bomb Seeds is a seed bank that sells high-quality marijuana seeds through their website and other retailers. The bank is aptly named, as it sells only “Bomb seeds,” meaning that growers can still find all of their favorite strains, but they’ve been crossed with Bomb genetics, either Bomb #1 or Bomb #2.

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As growers continue to buy from Bomb Seeds, they become more familiar with the different genetics, helping them choose which Bomb they like best.

Berry Bomb for instance, is a cross between the Blueberry strain and Bomb genetics, while Hash Bomb is a cross of a hash strain, Amsterdam Skunk, and Bomb #1. These are just a few of the strains Bomb Seeds has available, along with Bubble Bomb, Ice Bomb, and the classic THC Bomb.


At the time of this review, Bomb Seeds has twenty different strains from Atomic Bomb to Widow Bomb. Some growers may be slightly disappointed with this small number of strains, especially when comparing them to other seed banks that have dozens, if not hundreds, of different strains available. This selection also seems somewhat limited to standard strains and auto strains. Feminized seeds would be a nice addition to the seed bank, as many growers don’t want to mess around with sexing their plants.

The Bomb genetics that Bomb Seeds uses are also top-notch and produce stable plants that provide a strong smoke and high yield. However, growers may once again want to branch out of the “Bomb” varieties and for that, they will need to visit another seed bank.


Bomb Seeds has fairly average prices, although many of their top strains such as THC Bomb are offered at a slightly higher price point than competitor sites. Like many other seed banks, Bomb Seeds does offer bonus seeds to customers when orders are over a certain amount, but at 60 pounds, that amount is also higher than average. However, the seeds offered are THC feminized and Ice Bomb feminized, which would definitely make it worthwhile for those searching for female seeds.

A sale or clearance page would be greatly appreciated on Bomb Seeds site. With prices that are already higher than average, growers would surely take advantage of any time this bank was offering seeds on discount, which unfortunately they do not do at this time. Users that like their Facebook page and share that day’s strain are eligible to win a free pack of seeds, but this takes time and isn’t suitable for everyone.


Everything Bomb Seeds offers one can find on their home page. With the different strains listed down the side of the screen, growers can find the one they’re looking for at just a glance. Their FAQ section is perhaps the most helpful of all, describing the process of breeding and selecting seeds, as well as the different shipping methods that are offered.

While it’s great to have this information at one’s fingertips, it’s also worth noting that it’s all available on the home page simply because that’s all there is; even the “about” page simply transfers the user back to the FAQ page. It would be nice to see a small history of the bank, how long they’ve been in business, and other information.

Customer Service

Bomb Seeds does provide users with a contact page, where they’ll find an email address that can be used to send inquiries, concerns and questions. Users have reported fast reply times, with Bomb Seeds answering questions in an effort to help customers buy the very best seeds for them.


Although their seeds are developed in the Netherlands, Bomb Seeds delivers worldwide and the closer the customer is to the bank, the faster they’ll receive their shipment. Bomb Seeds does state that international orders can take as long as three weeks to deliver, but UK orders typically arrive at their destination within just a couple of days.

Like many other seed banks, Bomb Seeds offers super stealth delivery options, much to the delight of customers worried about discretion. Also like other banks, Bomb Seeds offers different stealth levels, with the packages using the most discretion costing just a bit more that growers agree is completely worth it.

Bomb Seeds may not have the biggest selection of strains when it comes to seed banks, but everything else they do is superior. What many growers like best about this bank is that their product is available outside of their website, and can even be found offline. This means that when one falls in love with a particular Bomb Seeds strain and they don’t want to wait for the seeds to arrive in the mail, they can visit dispensaries to get their Bomb Seeds more quickly. And that’s a big benefit for many growers!

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