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The Bonza Seed Bank is an online cannabis seed bank that totes themselves as “the most authentic Pick & Mix experience in the cannabis seeds industry,” however there’s not very much known about them. It is known that the bank was established in 2009, and that unlike most seed banks, customers purchase one seed at a time. This can be useful for users that want to have a crop of mixed varieties, but can be frustrating for those that want to grow an entire crop of a beloved strain.

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The Bonza Seed Bank has tried to collect strains from nearly every breeder that’s out there, and they just may have succeeded. Literally from A to Z – Ace Seeds to Zambeza Seeds – they cover over one hundred breeders from which, customers can find hundreds, if not thousands, of sativa and indica strains.

One unique feature visitors will find after seeing the site is Bonza Seeds’ “Rock n’ Rollups Collection”. Here users will find strains that have been launched by cannabis and music enthusiasts, and they all have names that are a tribute to a song, artist or genre. Blue Moon, Haze of glory, and Motown Chunk are just a few of the fun strains growers will find here.


While mixing and matching individual seeds may be good for some, Bonza Seeds proves that it can also be very expensive. At the time of this review, a single Skunk #1 seed cost ten pounds on Bonza Seeds, while competitors offer as many as ten seeds for the low price of twenty pounds. For some, the ability to mix and match may not be worth the added cost.

Bonza Seeds tries to make up for the difference in price point by offering free seeds to their customers. But the problem is that it’s never known whether a customer is going to get free seeds until their package arrives. Bonza Seeds explains that free seeds may not always be applicable, and that it largely depends on how many seeds were ordered originally, and based on the promotions they’re holding at the time.

Bonza Seeds also states that free seeds are not processed until the end of the ordering process, and so this is why free seeds do not appear on order summaries.


The Bonza Seeds website is certainly full of information, and it’s all easy to find. Users will learn about different breeders and their strains, and there are links at the top that quickly directs users to wherever they want to go. The site would benefit from a bit more information and tips about actually growing the seeds, taking them through the germination, vegetative and flowering processes, but as a basic seed bank site, it will give most customers what they’re looking for.

Customer Service

The Bonza Seeds company does have a live representative available anytime on their site, which will be the most helpful for users with questions and concerns. This is useful, because otherwise users are left to find the answers on the site on their own. This is made easier through the use of Bonza Seeds’ knowledgebase, a page filled with links explaining the ordering and payment process, but it is still quite lacking. This is because many users won’t want to browse through link after link to find what they’re looking for; and the knowledgebase also doesn’t cover any questions about the strains they carry, the breeders they use, or the growing process.


Bonza Seeds clearly states that they will ship anywhere worldwide, with no restrictions. However, they just as clearly state time and time again throughout the site that germinating marijuana seeds is not legal in many countries, and users are urged to check with local laws before purchase.

While Bonza Seeds doesn’t give any specific times for their shipping and handling processes, they do include stealth shipping with every package so no one will ever know what’s inside the package until it’s been opened. Bonza Seeds also doesn’t charge extra for stealth shipping, unlike many of their competitors.

Bonza Seeds has a strain for just about any grower or smoker, but there are many things this company can do to improve the user’s experience. Consolidating the FAQ section into one expanded page, and offering better customer service overall would definitely help. But users will most likely find that it’s the pricing they have the hardest time with, especially when they find out that those prices only include one seed. However, this is the very thing that might make Bonza Seeds a great seed bank for beginners that aren’t sure just yet what they’re looking for.

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