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The original Buddha is a pure Sativa of Thai origin, which is a favourite amongst serious growers and those who appreciate excellent weed.

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The first point growers should note is that there are a lot of strains out there with Buddha in the name, which reflects this strain’s popularity as a means of producing quality hybrids.  The original Buddha is best left to those with some degree of growing experience, since it is a robust Sativa with big leaves and big buds and as such it needs a long growing time (12-14 weeks) and careful management.  If you’re up to the challenge, Buddha can achieve huge yields of around 550g/sm indoors and the produce is quality weed.

The combination of high THC and low CBN means that Buddha creates a pure, clear, cerebral high without any trace of couch lock.  This means that this strain can be used in the daytime, although it’s best to allow plenty of time for the effects to wear off completely before driving or undertaking any other sort of complex activity.

In terms of taste, this weed encapsulates the best of Thai cooking.  It’s both sweet and sour and has citrus notes.  It also gives of an aroma many users enjoy on its own.

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