CBD Blue Shark

  • Our Score 4/5
CBD Blue Shark

CBD Blue Shark by Barney’s Farm is a four-way cross combining old-school strains Skunk #1 and Blueberry with new-school strains Shark Shock and a CBD Enriched Sativa.  The result is a cannabis strain with a great taste and a high-sought-after 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD.


  • Strength Medium
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Speed 60 - 65
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 550 gr/m²
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • High CBD
  • Large Yields
  • Quick Flowering
  • Con's
  • Low THC

CBD Blue Shark

CBD Blue Shark Review


The headline figures are about 6.5% each THC and CBD but it’s worth looking a bit beyond these to get a better understanding of just why CBD Blue Shark has become so respected in the field of medical cannabis.At first glance you can see that 6.5% THC is enough to deliver some fast-acting painrelief and a noticeable lift to your mood, without being anywhere near enough to get you even remotely high. Essentially, it’s a good level to stave off chronic pain until the CBD gets to work. On that note, the 6.5% CBD is sufficient to treat a wide range of medical disorders, including pain, nausea and spasmodic conditions such as epilepsy.

What’s particularly interesting about CBD Blue Shark is that although you do get adeep stone, it isn’t as heavy as you would expect from the raw CBD figure because this strain is actually 40% Sativa, which makes everything just a little bit lighter. You’ll feel relaxed, comfortable tranquillity rather than being super-stoned. Having said that, however, we’d still keep this strain for night-time use if at all possible. If you do need CBD-rich medication for daytime use, then please remember to allow yourself sufficient recovery time before undertaking hazardous activities, such as driving.


CBD Blue Shark is a nice compact marijuana plant with a height range of about 0.9M (indoor minimum) and 1M (outdoor maximum). Indoors you can expect yields in the region of 400g/m2 to 550g/m2 and outdoors you can expect yields of between 500g and 700g per marijuana plant. Obviously, more experienced growers, who can provide their plants with the best growing conditions can expect the biggest harvests, but even novice growers should be able to collect a reasonable crop since this stain is very robust and low-maintenance. In particular it has good resistance to mould.


Another piece of good news about CBD Blue Shark is that it’s fairly quick. You’re looking at an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and an outdoor harvest time of early/mid October. If you can give your plants that extra week, you’ll reap the benefits not only in terms of a bigger harvest but in terms of a slight improvement in the maturity of the flavour.

Having said that, if you do need to bring in your harvest quickly, to ensure that you beat the autumn frosts, for example, then you can still expect a decent harvest of high-quality buds. Speaking of autumn frosts, CBD Blue Shark will happily grow indoors or outdoors as long as you can keep it warm and dry and make sure it gets a suitable level of light. As always, remember the importance of both ventilation and odour control, especially later on in flowering, this strain has Skunk in its close background!


As you’d expect from the genetics, the base notes of CBD Blue Shark are definitely skunk/cheese and this is nicely balanced by the berry sweetness of the body. It’s not just blueberries although they are definitely there. There are definitely citrus top notes and a certain herbal edge, which is floral but slightly bitter-sweet. The aroma is quite fruity with a touch of fresh pine.

Bag Appeal

Although not, strictly speaking, bag appeal, we do rather like the appearance of CBD Blue Shark as it’s growing, this compact marijuana plant really does look like a little Christmas tree.  As it matures, it develops cheerful orange hairs and the THC content is enough for there to be a light dusting of frosty white trichomes. While these are less spectacular than on some other strains, the plus side is that the relatively low resin content makes this strain nicely straightforward to harvest.  You should be able to do it with just one pair of scissors and without having to stop to clean them all the time.

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