CBD Charlotte’s Angel

  • Our Score 4/5
CBD Charlotte's Angel marijuana strain

The Charlotte in CBD Charlotte’s Angel isn’t a reference to a person.  It refers to the fact that this strain is a cross between a CBD-rich Dutch Charlotte clone and Red Angel.  This is very much a “new school” variety, not only in the fact that it emphasizes CBD over THC but also, in the fact that it’s one of a tiny handful of cannabis strains, which are CBD-rich Sativa dominants (70%).


  • Strength Medium
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Speed 9-12 Weeks
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 800g/m2
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Big Yields
  • Hight CBD
  • Low THC
  • Con's
  • Long flowering time
  • Requires a lot of nutrients
  • Can get tall

CBD Charlotte's Angel

CBD Charlotte's Angel Review


CBD Charlotte’s Angel has an average of 15% CBD and less than 1% THC. Obviously, it is used to treat conditions which benefit from CBD and recommended for patients who do not like the idea of getting at all high. What is genius about this particular medical cannabis strain, however, is that the Sativa genetics help to make the overall effect lighter than you’d expect from the headline figures. Charlotte’s Angel CBD will give you a deeply relaxing experience both mentally and physically.
Part of the reason for the minimal THC levels is because this strain is very much in demand for treating mental and emotional conditions where the patient wants to achieve a state of calmness very quickly but without resorting to pharmaceutical medication.

THC is all about energy, euphoria and creativity, which, really is not what CBD Charlotte’s Angel is all about. The absence of THC does mean you give up on the fast-acting pain relief, but, then this strain is most often used to treat conditions where this is of minimal benefit in any case. Epilepsy and nausea, for example, are not necessarily painful, as such, and hence aren’t likely to respond all that much (if at all) to THC, but they do respond very well to CBD. For all the effect is relatively light, however, we’d still recommend keeping this cannabis strain for evening use, if at all possible. If you need to medicate during the day, you’ll need to allow plenty of time to recover before undertaking hazardous activities.


Dutch Passion has not released any specific, official information on the expected height or yield from CBD Charlotte’s Angel. However, based on user reviews, we’d expect a growing range of about 1.8M (indoor minimum) to 2.5M (outdoor maximum). While this is pretty big by modern standards, a big marijuana plant can hold a lot of bud. Again, based on reviews, we’d expect up to 800g/m2 indoors and up to 800g per marijuana plant outdoors. The words “up to” are important here as this will depend on a few things. Factors include your skill, the height you can allow your plants to grow and the length of time you can allow them to grow.


A big marijuana plant generally needs quite a bit of time to get up to its full size and CBD Charlotte’s Angel is no exception.  Indoors it will need 9 to 12 weeks of flowering time and outdoors it will be ready towards the latter part of October.  In principle, CBD Charlotte’s Angel will be perfectly happy outdoors, but in practice, if you want to be totally confident of warm, dry, sunny weather right up to the latter part of October, then you probably need to be in the southern part of Europe.  North of the Mediterranean basin, it’s likely to be best to treat this strain as being one for indoors, or at least for a greenhouse.


Although the name of CBD Charlotte’s Angel does not reference Diesel ancestry, when it comes to taste, the base is clear diesel, topped with fresh herbs and crisp, menthol pine. This is all reflected in the aroma. While diesel itself is a taste which can divide opinion, if it’s not for you, but you like the sound of this strain, you could try using it in edibles or topicals.

Bag Appeal

Probably the most appealing feature of a bag of CBD Charlotte’s Angel is how much it weighs. In addition to its heft, you get the pleasure of looking at cheerful green leaves and bright orange hairs. The low THC content means minimal resin and while this does mean you lose the glittering, white trichomes, it also means that you can harvest this strain without ruining your scissors and break open the nugs easily with your fingers, although we still think a grinder is a better choice. When you do, you can breath in that lovely aroma.

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