CBD Crack Auto

  • Our Score 4/5
cbd crack auto marijuana seeds

CBD Crack Auto is a cross between celebrity-endorsed Green Crack and CBD autoflowering. A “new-school” strain in that it both emphasizes CBD over THC and is autoflowering.

  • Strength 7%
  • Stone Mellow
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height 70-100cm
  • Yield 250g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Mellow
  • Compact
  • 1:1 CBD:THC Ratio
  • Con's
  • Can't clone
  • Low Yields
  • Odour Control

CBD Crack Auto Review

CBD Crack Auto Review


CBD Crack Auto cannabis

As previously mentioned CBD Crack Auto is mostly about the CBD. There’s only 7% THC, which is still enough to make your day a bit brighter and give you a certain level of fast-acting pain relief. CBD Crack Auto is for people with conditions which benefit from the 7% CBD it also offers, making that much-prized 1:1 “golden ratio”. CBD Crack Auto is ideal for many medical conditions. Although the key emotional benefit of this strain is relaxation, the THC does bring a touch of lightness and euphoria. This makes the overall effect one of mellow chillness, rather than one of being smothered in mental fog, however, pleasant. You’ll probably remain moderately functional. Although, you’ll want to avoid doing anything requiring proper concentration and alertness. Physically, this strain is excellent for spasmodic conditions such as epilepsy.


It must be said that CBD Crack Auto isn’t known for its huge yields. Experienced growers expect up to 250g/m2 indoors or 250g per plant outdoors. Beginners should probably expect about half of that. As you may have guessed already, part of the reason for this is the fact this strain is on the compact side. Regardless of whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, these plants are highly unlikely to get any taller than 1M. In fact, 70cm is much more usual. Remember to allow for vertical spread when deciding how many plants you can fit into your growing space.


CBD Crack Auto marijuana seeds

The other reason why CBD Crack Auto only produces limited harvests is because it’s ready in a total of about 11 weeks. Of which around 9 to 10 weeks is actual flowering. If you’re planning on flushing your plants, you should aim to do so at around the 8 to 9-week point. As this is an autoflowering strain, there is no harvest period as such. You will simply need to apply common sense when thinking about when you can grow this strain outdoors. Remember that, like most marijuana strains, CBD Crack Auto distinctly prefers life in the warm and dry and out of the wind. With an 11-week total growing time, even growers in northern Europe should be able to fit one harvest into an average summer. Although those in the furthermost north will need to pick their growing locations with particular care.

Another point to remember is that this strain begins to develop a strong odour from about the 8th week of growth. We therefore would advise you to have air filters in place indoors or to have your plants sited with consideration for your neighbours outdoors. One of the advantages of this strain is that it is so compact it’s easy to grow it in tubs, even outdoors. This means that you could feasibly start it off in a location which is convenient to you.

Overall, this strain is very robust and vigorous and has great resistance to mould, diseases and pests. Presumably courtesy of those hardy Skunk #1 genetics in its background. It’s very beginner-friendly and the quality of the harvest should please the more experienced.


Parent strain Green Crack was based on Skunk #1 and you can pick up a note of skunk pungency in CBD Crack Auto. It is, however, mild and balanced by the sweet robustness of cinnamon and a dash of citrus. Similar comments apply to the aroma. If skunk really isn’t your thing, you could try using this strain in the form of cannabis edibles and/or cannabis topicals.

Bag Appeal

It must be admitted that you grow CBD Crack Auto for its medical benefits rather than for its looks. This strain is what we’d call “averagely pretty” rather than stunning. You get glossy green leaves, cheerful orange hairs and a sprinkling of glittering trichomes. If you’re lucky, you may get touches of purple on the buds.

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