Cherry Bomb Auto

  • Our Score 5/5
Cherry Bomb Auto by Bomb Seeds

This new creation takes the original Cherry Bomb and seemingly pumps up all of its positive qualities even further whilst giving it those easy-growing autoflowering properties.

  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Speed 70-75 Days
  • Height Short
  • Yield 450g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Delicious Aroma
  • Sweet Fruit Taste
  • Potent
  • Con's
  • Can't clone
  • Indica Dominant
  • Medium Yields

Cherry Bomb Auto Review

Cherry Bomb Auto Review


Cherry Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

The speed with which Cherry Bomb Auto is felt once smoked clearly marks this as a strain for the impatient enthusiasts out there. Packing a moderate to high 15-20% THC content means it is potent enough to give you the goods without much effort too.

There is a definite sativa component here and it will even be felt before anything else, giving you a gentle cerebral lift to prepare you for the rich indica stone to come. Cherry Bomb Auto won’t keep you waiting long for this either, giving you those body-soothing effects swiftly as you’ve just become accustomed to the sativa induced rush.

This is when the fun really starts, as you are lulled into a deep relaxation that consumes your body and banishes the lingering worries of the day. It is this quality that makes Cherry Bomb Auto such a fine strain to enjoy after a tough day at work, leaving nagging managers and difficult clients behind as you enter a state of bliss. Those familiar with the original Cherry Bomb will recognise the sensation instantly, and even experts may struggle to tell them apart.

These THC-fuelled sedative effects are also assisted by a moderate CBD content that boosts the strain’s medicinal applications. Cherry Bomb Auto has predictably been found to be effective in treating stress and anxiety, as well as helping sufferers cope with depression. It is also great for treating insomnia, though it should be noted that it will not simply knock you out if enjoyed recreationally, and sleep tends to come more when it is actually wanted rather than unexpectedly.


Cherry Bomb Auto seems to widely vary its yields depending on a number of factors, with most growers reporting a healthy 250-450g per m2 or 30-60g per plant. Growing outdoors is where harvest sizes get a real boost, however, with the strain exceeding the 450g per m2 mark on the basis that it gets enough light.


Cherry Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

There is a strong indica vibe running through this plant and its growth patterns are no different. Perhaps this is best seen in its size and shape, with the plant staying at the diminutive height of 30-85cm and displaying those classic bushy indica dimensions.

Its ruderalis side is more than evident in the ease with which the plant grows too, shrugging off newbie mistakes and the occasional bit of mild neglect with ease. Even with such treatment growers can expect reasonable sized yields, though the plant certainly rewards those who care for it. Taking the time to put the plant in a Sea of Green (SoG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup will give you the kind of yields that are rarely found among ruderalis-enriched strains. The more particular growers out there will also want to decide whether to use a soil or hydroponic medium, with soil bringing out more of that great cherry flavour and hydroponics boosting yield sizes further.

Those able to grow outside should certainly consider doing so, as Cherry Bomb Auto will thrive in a benevolent outdoor climate. This is the best way to get those big yields out of the plant, though even with those generous harvests the plant will stay at 85cm tall. If you are growing outside you can expect your harvests anytime between May and October, and its swift 65-75 day flowering time means you may be able to get more than one lot in. An added bonus of giving Cherry Bomb Auto some fresh air is its tendency to turn blue upon being exposed to the cooler night time temperatures, giving it an extra visual allure.


Cherry Bomb Auto marijuana seeds

Fans of the original Cherry Bomb will not be disappointed by its autoflowering sibling, with Cherry Bomb Auto packing in that same sweet fruity flavour. This primary cherry-like taste is joined by a skunk-y element that sits beneath, rounding the full-bodied sensation out nicely.

Bag Appeal

Much like the taste, the scent of the strain is a mixture of sweet cherry and skunk. This pleasant smell is packed into dense orange pistil-flecked buds that are thick with resin and may come in a bluey-purple shade if certain growing conditions are met. Finishing off this extravagant appearance is a light dusting of crystal-like trichomes.

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