crystal marijuana
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A 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid, Crystal has proud parentage in the shape of White Widow and Northern Lights.

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Indoors, this strain can be kept to about a metre in height, although outdoors it can easily grow to two or even three times that.  In general, it’s beginner friendly and robust, but its vigour does mean it needs to be managed, since it will need some degree of trimming in all but the biggest growing spaces.  In a well-managed sea-of-green set-up Crystal can easily yield 500g/sm, outdoors you could look at 700g/p.  Sadly for growers in colder climates, this is a strain which much prefers a warmer environment.

Medically, Crystal offers an effective cure for muscle pains, lack of appetite, stress and insomnia.  It can also deal with emotional issues such as anxiety and depression.  The sensation of using Crystal combines the sort of deep relaxation you’d expect from a quality Indica, together with a cerebral lift, which banishes negativity and stimulates creativity.  Those new to the strain should note that Crystal can take a little time to get to work.

In terms of taste, Crystal has a sweet, yet menthol flavour with pungent base notes, which have been described as being similar to fuel.

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