Durban Poison

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With so many compact Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids available, it’s nice to see a loud and proud pure Sativa every now and again. Durban Poison is a South African landrace strain, which has been described as the espresso of cannabis.

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While espresso is served in tiny cups, Durban Poison is anything but diminutive and, left to its own devices can reach well over 3 metres.  This means that indoor growers are likely to want to get comfortable with the practicalities of pruning and training.  That aside, this is a good strain for beginners as it is used to fending for itself in the wild and is therefore extremely robust.  Indoor yields are in the region of 400 g/sm, outdoor yields depend on the exact circumstances but are very respectable.

Medically this strain is everything you would expect from a quality Sativa.  It will deal with all kinds of emotional issues and provides effective relief from both pain (particularly headaches) and nausea.  As a Sativa, it’s much less likely to give users the munchies and so is a good solution when you simply need to settle your stomach so that you can have the food you want to eat.  The taste is much better than the name suggests, with sweet and pine-fresh top notes and an earthy body.

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