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early girl
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A 75% Indica dominant hybrid, Early Girl also has down-to-earth parentage, being a hybrid of Afghani (Indica) and a South Asian Indica with Mexican (70% Sativa). This is a no fuss, no nonsense strain, which grows at the sort of speed you’d expect from an autoflowering variety.

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Early Girl will grow happily indoors or outdoors and will produce very respectable yields of around 400g/sm to 500 g/sm indoors.  Outdoors 250g/p would be a reasonable expectation.  Indoors, Early Girl will flower in as little as 7 weeks, outdoors, the harvest is in early to mid September.  This means that even in colder climates, growers shouldn’t have to worry about their crop being decimated by frost.

Of course, strains which grow this quickly very rarely develop the sort of potency you’d expect from their slower-growing counterparts and so it is with Early Girl.  This is a pleasant, simple and natural way of dealing with relatively minor issues, rather than an outstanding medical strain.  If, however, you just want a variety for daytime use and/or a way to deal with the sort of aches and pains you’d get from hard, manual work (such as gardening) or playing sports or to help ease away your workday stress, then this is a good choice.  The taste has citrus and menthol top notes, with an earthy body and many users absolutely love it.

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