Early Misty

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Early Misty is a cross between coffee-shop favourite Misty and Early Skunk, both of which are strains with excellent pedigrees. It is almost pure Indica (90%) but has a respectable level of THC.

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Growers looking for maximum results should opt for indoor growing in a sea of green system.  In this scenario, Early Misty will produce yields in the range of 375 g/sm to 475 g/sm.  On the other hand, if you can manage SCROG growing, then there are arguably much better choices out there in terms of both yield and potency.  By contrast, if you’re looking for a strain which will cope with outdoor life in cooler climates and still manage to produce yields of around 225g/p, then Early Misty is a great choice.  Its one slight weakness is vulnerability to mould, but this can be resolved by basic management.

Medically speaking, this is a workhorse weed, rather than one of the great medical strains.  If you’re looking for a variety to deal with everyday aches and pains and occasional insomnia or anxiety, then Early Misty is a reasonable choice and is suitable for daytime use.  If you have more serious issues, then you’re probably better to look elsewhere.  The taste is fruity but with deeper base notes, reminiscent of a quality coffee.

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