Fruity Pebbles

  • Our Score 4.6/5
Fruity Pebbles marijuana strain

Fruity Pebbles by MSNL is every bit as tasty and fun as its name suggests and, what’s more this exciting new medical cannabis strain has a very impressive pedigree including popular favourite Grandaddy Purps along with Green Ribbon and Tahow Alien.

  • Strength Medium/High
  • Stone Relaxing/Happy
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height Medium/Tall
  • Yield 500gr/m²
  • Harvest Late September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Amazing Fruity Taste
  • Visually Beautiful
  • Flexible Strain
  • Con's
  • Large for an indica strain
  • Longer grow time then many indicas
  • Odour control

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles Review


One of the interesting points about Fruity Pebbles is that it’s only just Indica dominant (about 55%), which means that although the THC content is medium/high, in the region of 18% to 22%, the overall effect is mellower than the raw figures might suggest. While the Sativa genetics provide energy, euphoria and creative inspiration, the Indica genetics provide a more chilled, blissful experience. In short, while you definitely get a mood lift, it’s less buzzy and more joyous than you’d get from a Sativa (dominant) with equivalent THC. The pain relief, however, stays the same.

Once the initial high ebbs, you transition into a body stone and, again, the balanced genetics do their work. It’s certainly relaxing and comforting, but it’s not the sort of total deep stone, you’d expect from strains with more Indica genetics, the Sativa side helps to lighten it up. Putting all this together means that you can use Fruity Pebbles at any time of day, just be careful about allowing yourself sufficient time to recover from the stone if you use it in the daytime.


Indoor growers can expect Fruity Pebbles to deliver up to 500g/m2 and outdoor growers can expect approximately the same per marijuana plant.


Indoors, Fruity Pebbles needs 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time and outdoors it will be ready some time between the end of September and the middle of October. This is a bit longer than the average Indica dominant and the reason for this is that this strain grows rather larger than your average Indica dominant. Indoors you can expect each marijuana plant to reach at least 1.8M and outdoors 2.2M is a reasonable expectation, in fact you may even see a marijuana plant or two get a bit taller, although probably not much taller.

It’s really important that you recognize the hybrid qualities of Fruity Pebbles. In its early growth stages, it looks like a fairly standard Indica dominant, complete with compact shape and broad leaves. During the transition period between late vegging and early flowering it will pretty much double in size. Over the flowering period, it will increase in size again by at least 50% if not 100%.

What this means in practice is that you absolutely must allow space for your plants to stretch horizontally without touching each other and impeding air flow (which is a recipe for the dreaded mould). Vertical space, however, is, to a certain extent, negotiable. In other words, you can use plant training to keep your plants’ height down without compromising greatly on harvest.

This strain is equally happy indoors and outdoors as long as you can keep it warm and dry and ensure that it gets plenty of sunlight. Growers towards the northern end of Europe might also want to consider a greenhouse grow, so you can make use of the free sunlight while still ensuring your plants are protected from the elements, particularly towards the end of the growing period.

Whatever growing method you choose, be aware that the aroma of this strain is delicious in moderation but can easily overpower a smaller growing space. So use air filters indoors (or in greenhouses) and think about prevailing winds outdoors.


With a name like Fruity Pebbles, you’d expect this strain to be absolutely packed full of fruity flavours and you’d be absolutely right. Your first impression will be one of berry sweetness, particularly cherries, alongside tropical guava and pineapple. After that, you’ll pick up on the fresh tanginess of citrus, especially oranges. These are all reflected in the aroma, which is worth savouring on its own.

Bag Appeal

Fruity Pebbles Marijuana

In all seriousness, Fruity Pebbles might actually have been developed with social
media in mind. It is quite simply the most beautiful strain of medical cannabis we have ever seen. The light green foliage is the perfect foil for the pink, purple and orange hairs which cover the buds and which may even be reflected in the glittering trichomes which are like the icing on a glorious, multicoloured cake.

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