Ghost Train Haze #1

    ghost train haze 1 by rare dankness

    Ghost Train Haze #1 is a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck.  It has plenty of THC and a light touch of CBD.

    • Strength 27%
    • Stone Body Buzz
    • Speed 9-11 Weeks
    • Height Tall
    • Yield 300g/m2+
    • Harvest October

    Our Verdict

    • Pro's
    • Great taste
    • Lots of THC & CBD
    • Resistant
    • Con's
    • Tall plants
    • Moderate yields
    • Longer flowering time

    Ghost Train Haze #1 Review


    Ghost Train Haze 1 strain

    This strain is 80% Sativa and has no less than 27% THC together with about 0.2% CBD.  As a result, it is a great choice for relieving severe physical pain.  It’s also excellent at dealing with very negative emotional states.  The high from Ghost Train Haze #1 is the best a Sativa can offer.  It’s a terrific rush of positive energy, which leaves you buzzing with creativity and motivation.  This sensation gradually eases into a very light, but very comfortable, body buzz.  You’re not going to be couchlocked, but you are going to feel deeply relaxed.  Basically, you’re going to have a short, but very refreshing, power nap. 

    As you may have guessed from this description, Ghost Train Haze #1 is often used as a “wake and bake” strain.  It’s certainly an excellent option for those who need a bit of help to get themselves moving, especially in the morning.  At the same time, it would be a shame to give the impression that this is its only use.  In fact, it can be used for any severe condition which responds to THC.  For example, it’s also great at treating severe headaches and extreme loss of appetite. 

    On that note, this strain is categorically guaranteed to bring on a major case of the marijuana munchies.  That being so, it helps to be prepared.  If your aim is to encourage yourself to eat, then you’ll want to have a good meal ready and waiting for you.  If you’re using this strain for other conditions, then you’ll want snacks which are light but filling and plenty of water. 

    As a final point, even though this strain is excellent for daytime use, do remember to allow time for the body buzz to run its course.  Make sure that you are fully refocussed before doing anything complicated, such as driving. 


    Ghost Train Haze 1 marijuana bud

    It has to be said that Ghost Train Haze #1 only has moderate yields.  Indoor growers can expect up to 300g/m2.  Outdoor growers can expect up to 450g per marijuana plant.  Basically, this is a connoisseur’s strain.  It’s grown for its amazing taste and compelling medical benefits rather than for its impressive yields. 

    On the plus side, Ghost Train Haze #1 is actually less demanding to grow than you might think.  The Kush genetics balance out the sensitivity of the Haze side.  As a result, this strain is decently robust and has good resistance to mould, diseases and pests.  Having said that, it is definitely a good idea to have some experience before trying to grow this strain.  Basically, these seeds grow into really tall plants and as such, they can be challenging to manage.  In particular, you need to be ready to feed and water a big appetite, without overdoing it and winding up killing your plants.  Indoor growers will also need to be prepared to get to grips with plant training.  Even if you have plenty of vertical space, you’ll still need to make sure that your grow lights can reach all the branches. 


    Like many Sativas, Ghost Train Haze #1 has a relatively long growth cycle.  Indoors it needs 9 to 11 weeks of flowering.  Outdoors it will be ready for harvest around the end of October.  Part of the reason why it takes so long is because each of these seeds will turn into one, tall marijuana plant.  Even indoors you can expect each marijuana plant to reach a good two meters.  Outdoors, plants can grow to around four meters.  You will also need to allow space for your plants to grow horizontally as well as vertically.  If you squeeze them too close together, you will have problems with air flow.  This can then lead to all kinds of other problems, including, and especially, the dreaded mould.  If you’re growing outdoors, then you will need to find a warm, dry and sheltered growing site.  Alternatively, you could opt for a greenhouse grow.  This would allow you to use the free sunlight, while still protecting your plants from the elements. 


    The flavour of Ghost Train Haze #1 is based on sweet earth and topped with fresh, tangy citrus, especially lemon.  The aroma is very similar but with an extra edge of pungency. 

    Bag Appeal 

    Ghost Train Haze #1 is one of the most beautiful cannabis strains.  This is partly because of the bright green leaves and partly because of the fiery orange hairs.  Mostly, however, it’s because of the coating of frosty trichomes.  Needless to say, these nugs are sticky, really sticky.  Using a grinder is an absolute must. 

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