• Our Score 4.6/5

Glookies is a 70% Indica cross between Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  It’s mighty in both THC and taste. 


  • Strength 25%
  • Stone Relaxed but motivational
  • Speed 9-10 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 700-800g/m2+
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Huge Yields
  • High THC
  • Manageable Height
  • Con's
  • Not for beginners
  • Only really suitable for daytime use
  • Relatively long flowering time

Glookies Review

Glookies Review


This strain can have up to 25% THC and has very low CBD.  It delivers very fast and extremely effective pain relief.  It also delivers a really powerful high.  This is euphoric, creative and motivational.  It’s mellowed slightly by the Indica genetics.  Overall, however this is one serious medical strain.  As such, it needs to be treated with the great respect it deserves.  The high will have you buzzing with energy and positivity.  It will not, however, promote genuine focus.  Therefore you will need to treat it as “me time” rather than work time.  Similarly, the CBD content is enough to deliver a light body buzz.  It isn’t even really a proper stone.  It certainly won’t leave you couchlocked.  It will, however leave you deeply relaxed.  Again, forget about engaging any sort of mental focus.  Just lie back and enjoy it.  When using Glookies, there are two key points to remember.  Firstly, you’re going to get the marijuana munchies.  This is a given.  You therefore really want to have some snacks and drinks to hand.  Secondly, you absolutely must allow yourself sufficient time to recover before doing anything complicated, especially driving.  This strain is definitely one for daytime use.  In fact, it’s a great “wake-and-bake” strain.  It’s also popular as a migraine treatment and for stimulating a person’s appetite. 


Glookies can have an indoor yield of up to 800g/m2.  The outdoor yield can be up to 3Kg per plant.  This strain will thrive in all common growing media.  It does, however, like its nutrients and water.   This means you’re going to need to be prepared to deal with a fairly greedy plant.  You’ll also need the judgement to harvest at the right stage.  If you leave it too long, the THC content can actually decrease. 


The indoor flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks.  The outdoor harvest period is early to mid-October.  Glookies has a height range of between 1M (indoor minimum) and 1.8M (outdoor maximum).  It is very bushy and has extensive side branching.  This means that you need to allow space for your plants to spread.  If they start “bumping into each other” as they grow, you’re asking for trouble.  First of all, you’re setting up the ideal situation for mould.  Secondly, you’ll ensure the rapid spread of any diseases and pests.  

If you are thorough about your ventilation, then you should have a fairly straightforward grow.  Glookies has really great genetics.  Both Gorilla Glue and TMGSC are known for their robustness.  It’s therefore hardly a surprise that this strain has great resistance to mould, diseases and pests.  It is, however, not at all happy about cold, wet and/or wind.  This means that its ideal outdoor growing environment is the Mediterranean basin.  It can tolerate northern Europe provided that you choose a very sheltered growing site.  You might also want to use a greenhouse.  This will provide extra protection against the elements.  Once you reach the UK and beyond, you probably want to treat Glookies as an “indoor-only” strain.   

Odour control is important with most strains of marijuana.  With this strain it’s critical.  The odour becomes really strong towards the end of flowering.  In fact, it can easily overpower a small, indoor growing space.  That being so, it’s highly recommended to invest in good carbon filters.  Outdoors, the fresh air will carry away the smell of your plants for you.  This can, however, bring its own challenges.  Basically, your neighbours are unlikely to be happy about having diesel-scented fumes blown straight at them.  It’s a good idea to think about this when choosing a site for your plants. 


The taste and aroma of Glookies are both unique and exotic.  The base is clearly fuel (diesel).  This is topped with fresh lime and walnuts.  Basically, it needs to be tried to be believed!  It’s worth noting, however, that this strain does have quite a dense smoke.  This is pretty typical of Indicas.  If you have a very delicate throat, it’s likely to trigger coughing.  You may, therefore, wish to try vaping instead.  Alternatively you could try cannabis concentrates.  This strain certainly has plenty of high-quality resin.  Cannabis edibles may be a good option for you too. 

Bag Appeal 

Glookies can produce one weighty bag of bud.  It has glossy green leaves, cheerful orange hairs and lots of glittering white trichomes.  In fact, all the THC in Glookies makes it almost dazzling.  Nugs are both super-dense and super-sticky.  Using a grinder is a must.  Take your time with grinding.  It’ll give you longer to enjoy the aroma which emerges as the nugs are broken! 

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