Grape Ape

  • Our Score 4.2/5

Grape Ape is a three-way cross between Afghani Indica, Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1.  These days it may be best known as one of the parents of Zkittlez.  It is, however, a really great cannabis strain in its own right. 

  • Strength 15-23%
  • Stone Motivational and euphoric leading to body stone
  • Speed 7-8 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 450g/m2+

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Nicely compact
  • Good, robust genetics
  • Short flowering period
  • Con's
  • Growers need to know how to control THC
  • Needs to spread horizontally
  • Needs good odour control

Grape Ape Review

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This strain has an average of 16% to 20% THC along with around 2% to 3% CBD.  On the one hand, this sort of THC level is pretty moderate by the standards of modern cannabis.  On the other hand, it’s still plenty strong enough to provide meaningful pain relief for a wide variety of medical conditions.  It’s also enough to create a happy, energetic head buzz, which is really more of a lift than a proper high.  Again, this will probably be just perfect for a wide range of people. 

Grape Ape can have a fairly wide range of THC content, from about 15% to about 23%.  Basically if you grow your cannabis from seed, you will control this with the growing conditions.  The CBD content can be up to 0.7%.   

Either way, you’ll eventually glide smoothly down into a superbly relaxing body stone.  You may not actually be totally couchlocked, but you’ll almost certainly be pretty close.  You’ll definitely be far too comfortable to want to move.  That being so, it’s a good idea to have some snacks and drinks handy.  At the lower end of the THC range, you may feel a bit hungry.  At the higher end, you’re guaranteed to have a mighty appetite. 

Grape Ape is flexible enough to be used day or night.  Just remember to refocus totally before doing anything complicated, especially driving. 


Indoor growers are looking at an average of about 450g/m2.  Outdoor growers could collect as much as 800g per marijuana plant.  The fact that Grape Ape is 90% Indica helps it to stay fairly short, even outdoors.  An indoor marijuana plant can stay as compact as 1M in height, without any training.  An outdoor marijuana plant may grow a bit taller, but is unlikely to go any higher than 1.2M. 

Having said that, Grape Ape does need space to grow outwards as well as upwards.  You’ll need to take this into account when deciding how many plants you can reasonably fit in your growing space.  First of all, your plants need to be able to spread out comfortably without bumping into each other.  Secondly, you need to be able to get access to each plant to be able to take care of it. 

If in doubt, play it safe.  Overcrowding growing spaces leads to poor air flow and poor air flow is the number one cause of the dreaded mould.  Spacing your plants out also makes it harder for one poorly plant to infect all the others before you’ve even had a chance to notice. 

In general, as long as you can follow your marijuana basics, you can grow this strain.  It has clearly inherited its parents’ robust genetics.  It’s also reasonably tolerant of growers on a learning curve.  Total beginners might want to start with an autoflowering strain.  Anyone “trading up” to their first photoperiod grow should, however, be absolutely fine here.


Grape Ape is a fairly speedy strain.  Indoors it will typically need 7 to 8 weeks of flowering.  The outdoor harvest period is late September to early October. 

This strain is moderately hardy, thanks to all the robust, landrace genetics in its background.  That said, you’ll still want to keep it well protected from the weather, especially the rain.  You’ll also want to keep it out of the way of the winds.  First of all, wind can really chill your plants and strip their branches bare.  Secondly, Grape Ape can really kick up a stink during the flowering period.  Be nice to your neighbours and make sure that they don’t get blasted with the smell as it is carried on the wind. 

Towards the north of Europe and beyond, you might want to think about growing this strain in a greenhouse.  If you opt for this approach you can largely treat it as an outdoor grow.  The one real difference is that you will want to have some sort of air filter in place if at all possible. 


Although this strain is called Grape Ape the flavour is based on sweet earth and wood.  This is then topped with lashings of sweet berries and grapes.  There isn’t really any Skunk in the taste, just a hint in the aroma. 

Bag Appeal 

Even at the lower end of the range, there’s enough THC to add a nice sprinkle of glitter to these dense, sticky nugs. You also get warm orange hairs and perky green leaves.  Some growers may even be lucky enough to get a dash of purple too. 

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