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Harlequin marijuana strain

We’re guessing that the name Harlequin is a reference to the fact that this strain has a very chequered (albeit impressive) heritage, which includes Colombian Gold, Thai Sativa, Nepali Indica and Swiss Sativa.  The end result is a 75% Sativa-dominant hybrid, which is winning extensive plaudits as a top-class medical cannabis strain. 

  • Strength Medium
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Speed 8-9 Weeks
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 750gr/m²+
  • Harvest Mid October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Great medicinal strain
  • Very robust
  • Lovely smooth smoke
  • Con's
  • Needs alot of space
  • Does not suite all outdoor growing areas
  • Leaving this strain to flower for too long, you could end up disrupting the CBD:THC ratio


Harlequin Review


Harlequin has an average THC content of between 7% and 15% and also an average CBD content of between 7% and 15%.  It generally has a THC:CBD ratio of 2:5.  Its effect, however, may not be what you would have expected from that description.  The THC content is enough to provide anything from a positivity-filled head buzz to a very mild high (depending on the exact content).  The uplift feels rather like you would expect from an Indica in that it is typically mellow, joyous and contemplative instead of inspirational, energetic and euphoric, but the Sativa dominance keeps it all quite light.  As the head high ebbs, the CBD gets to work, it not only ensures that the initial buzz fades smoothly away, but amplifies the pain-relieving properties of the THC and also adds its own medical benefits, especially the ability to alleviate muscle spasms.  Putting all this together and it’s easy to see why Harlequin has become one of the main “go to” strains of medical cannabis for people suffering from a wide range of chronic conditions, particularly arthritis.  It’s arguably best kept for night-time use (assuming your condition allows you a choice), but if you do need a high-CBD strain for daytime use then this is certainly one of your better options. 


This strain can produce some pretty impressive yields.  Indoor growers can expect up to 750g/m2 and outdoor growers can expect up to 600g per marijuana plant.  Big yields, however, tend to mean big plants, especially when you’re talking about Sativa-dominant strains and even indoors Harlequin can reach a good 1.8M, outdoors it can easily grow past 2M in height and if growing conditions are particularly good, you may even see an individual marijuana plant or two head towards 2.5M.  Interestingly, for all its height and Sativa genetics, Harlequin does tend to look like an oversized Indica with lots of lateral branching, which means that you need to allocate space for each marijuana plant to grow horizontally as well as vertically and you will also need to allow space for supports later in flowering. 


Harlequin is actually surprisingly quick (given its height and genetics) with a standard indoor flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.  If you are aiming for the upper end of the THC range and/or maximum harvest then you could leave your plants to flower for a 10th week, if, however, you leave them to flower for any longer than this then it is highly likely that the THC content will come to exceed the CBD content and that this will change the nature of the effects.  Outdoor growers should expect to collect their harvest around the middle of October.  Even though this strain is very robust overall (due to its landrace genetics), it still has a distinct preference for life in a warm, dry and sunny environment, which means that growers to the north of the Mediterranean basin will need to be very careful about choosing a growing space and might be better to treat this strain as being one for the greenhouse or indoors. 


The flavour of Harlequin is not quite such a patchwork as the genetics but it’s still nicely complex and satisfying.  There is an earth base topped by sweet wood and tropical mango and finished off with the freshness of citrus and a dash of herbs and spices.  The smoke is very smooth and unlikely to trigger coughing unless you have a particularly sensitive throat, in which case, you should be fine with a vaporizer. 

Bag Appeal

When it comes to bag appeal, the first and possibly most important point to note is that Harlequin has a very dense bud structure, which means that it can take up to 3 weeks to cure properly and that it absolutely must be properly ventilated at all times during the curing process.  It should only be put in a bag once it is completely dry.  That said, once it is in the bag, you will see mossy green nugs which are much denser than you would usually expect from a Sativa dominant and have a surprisingly generous dusting of white trichomes as well as a sprinkling of bright orange hairs

Harlequin bud

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