• Our Score 5.0/5
Hijack Marijuana Strain

As high in quality as you could want, Hijack is the result of crossing two now-legendary strains – Jack Herer and AK47, with the obligatory inclusion of a Siberian ruderalis too.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Buzz
  • Speed 70-80 Days
  • Height 50cm - 90cm
  • Yield 300g-400g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Nice sativa buzz
  • Decent Yields
  • Con's
  • Longer flowering time
  • Moderate difficulty to grow
  • Spicy notes

Hijack Review

Hijack Review

This oddly named wonder is one of the many sublime autoflowering strains to come from Auto Seeds’ bag of tricks. While Jack Herer is a highly-lauded sativa that has settled comfortably into the regular rotation of weed connoisseurs around the world, AK47 is an eight-time award winning sativa-dominant powerhouse. The results are predictably incredible, and because of these adventurous breeding forays we now have Hijack to enjoy.
Not just one for the sativa lovers, it also boasts the highest yielding properties after Auto Pounder which makes it a commercial grower’s dream too. These yields do not come at the expense of quality, however, and Hijack is noted for its consistent strengths across the board. Dive right into this one and you will not be disappointed.


Hijack marijuana seeds

Remarkably strong for an autoflowering strain, Hijack packs an impressively high THC content and isn’t afraid to display its sativa dominant genetics with pride. The star of the show is the euphoria that Hijack provides, gently spreading a sense of happiness and contentedness that helps you appreciate the moment and your surroundings.

Many put this down to Hijack’s Jack Herer parent, but whatever the cause this cerebral sensation has been found to make many smokers sociable and quite motivated. This makes the strain a great option for social events where talking to others and staying active is a big plus. It also makes it a good choice for those looking for a bit of a buzz to accompany them through their daytime household chores with a smile. The speed with which Hijack acts is also a bonus for many, with creative types everywhere also appreciating the edge it gives them in their artistic projects.

Some also claim the strain possesses a notably psychedelic edge, with the visual component of the experience being especially rewarding. There is also a very definite bodily side to the experience too, with the subtle but noticeable indica element spreading a gentle and relaxing warmth through your limbs. The lack of power behind this indica side means that while you experience its positives it never becomes overbearing enough to weigh you down or make you lethargic.

Predictably, the euphoric mood-enhancing properties of Hijack make it effective at treating depression and anxiety in many who suffer with these problems. Yet despite being a far lesser part of the experience, some even claim its indica side also helps them with pain relief and lessens inflammation.


Another one of Auto Seeds’ talents is to create autoflowering strains that pack unexpectedly generous yields. Whilst this must be viewed in the context of autoflowering plants typically being held to lower expectations, it is nonetheless true that even compared to standard photoperiod strains Hijack provides respectably medium to large sized yields. As the plant is productive throughout we recommend side lighting or LST to ensure your plant yields the most it possibly can.


Hijack marijuana seeds

Another one of Hijack’s many benefits is its ability to provide you with a fresh batch of beautifully scented bud in under two and a half months, taking just 70-80 days from seed to flower. Thankfully Hijack did not inherit its Jack Herer parent’s habit of being a demanding grower, and instead will offer the kind of stress-free experience that even a novice will reliably see good results from.

It seems that in the battle between its sativa and ruderalis/indica sides, the sativa side did not prove victorious when it came to determining the plant’s height. Staying at a modest 50-90cm tall whether grown inside or outdoors, Hijack is an evenly balanced specimen that produces many bud sites that enjoys a good Screen of Green (ScrOG) growing setup and even some light training if you feel inclined. Even without these whistles and bells, however, Hijack seems to do just fine when grown in a basic setup and given rather minimal attention.

Outdoor growing is also a very realistic option, with the plant being small enough for a reliable stealth grow and hardy enough to shrug off the adverse conditions that often overwhelm less robust plants. Those looking to grow outside should see their harvest ready as early as late July.


Hijck marijuana seeds

As if the growing process and smoking effects of Hijack were not smooth enough, its flavour likewise offers a sweetly enjoyable blend of saccharine flavours that come together perfectly. Most report a blend of notes that include lemony citrus, a light spiciness and a wood-like undertone that is close to sandalwood.

Bag Appeal

In the scent it is certainly these citrus and sandalwood notes that seem most prominent, creating a disparate yet oddly fitting combination of odours to make the mouth water. This delectable scent is joined by a visual appeal that is equally alluring, with the chunky buds being richly resin-packed and coated in enough trichomes and pistils to make any weed fanatic stand up and pay attention.

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