Hindu Kush

hindu kush
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Hindu Kush is a little piece of history as well as a powerful medicinal strain. Its name comes from the area on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it is recognized as an indigenous, “landrace” strain. When it was brought to the western world, its potential as a parent strain was quickly recognized, hence the fact that so many outstanding varieties have the word “Kush” in their name.

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It is a pure Indica, in fact you could arguably say it is the classic, pure Indica, with a short and stocky build, thick stems and its classic, dark green leaves.  Indoors, it is perfectly suited to sea of green growing and yields come in at around 400g/sm.  It can be grown outdoors, but needs lots of sunshine and yields will be more variable.

Those new to the strain should note that Hindu Kush takes its time to get to work but it then does an extremely effective job of numbing all kinds of pain and inducing sleep.  This is, therefore, definitely a strain for night time use.

Its flavour has often been described as being reminiscent of hash.  It is both earthy and pungent, but also has a touch of sweetness about it.

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