Ice Marijuana
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Nirvana Seeds have come up with some really creative and effective strains and really poured all their expertise into this blend of Skunk #1, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Shiva.

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Although it is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid, Ice generally stays on the short side (around the 1 metre mark) although some individual plants will grow much higher if left unchecked.  In either case trichome production is little short of phenomenal, so if you’re looking for a strain which can do double duty for both leaf and resin, then Ice should certainly be high on your list of contenders.  It can be harvested after 8 weeks, but if you are really after maximum yield of both leaf and resin, then be patient for another couple of weeks and you can be rewarded with up to 450g/sm of leaf and a copious quantity of high-quality resin.

In medical terms, Ice is a good “work-horse” weed in that it will do an effective job of dealing with everyday aches and pains and low levels of anxiety and stress.  It generally starts with the classic Sativa high before moving onto the Indica stone.  That being so, it’s best kept for night time or at least for times when you will be able to rest for a while after using it.  In terms of taste, it has menthol top notes with base notes of earth and diesel.

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