• Our Score 3.9/5
Kraken Marijuana strain

When you give a strain of cannabis a name like “Kraken”, then you create a whole lot of expectation, fortunately this balanced hybrid lives up to the hype.  Genetically, it’s descended from Jack Herer and The Super Auto #1, the latter being a cross between much-loved AK-47 and Ruderalis. 

  • Strength Low/Medium
  • Stone Mellow
  • Speed 11 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 550gr/m²+
  • Harvest Mid October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Impressive Yields
  • Short and Bushy
  • Flexible Strain
  • Con's
  • Long Grow Time for Auto Flower
  • Can Grow Tall
  • Odour Control

Kraken Review


Kraken contains only 10% to 15% THC and moderate CBD, which puts it into a very interesting medical cannabis niche.  It has enough THC to provide fast-acting pain relief to a wide range of conditions but its psychoactive effects are restrained and the 50/50 genetic ratio keeps the experience happy and energetic but still mellow.  In other words, it’s powerful enough to treat mild to moderate emotional conditions without being overwhelming.  Similarly, the CBD content is enough to be medical beneficial to patients with less serious conditions and to ensure that the high transitions into a deep, warm, comforting full-body stone, but the Sativa genetics keep it on the lighter side and prevent heavy-duty couch lock.  All in all, therefore, Kraken is a nicely flexible strain, which can be used for many different medical conditions and at any time of day, although, as always, you need to remember to leave yourself sufficient recovery time before undertaking any complicated activity, such as driving.


This strain really can deliver some monster yields.  Indoors, Kraken can produce up to 550g/m2 and outdoors it can yield up to 900g per marijuana plant.  There is no official information on what sort of height range to expect from this strain, but based on genetics, we would expect an indoor minimum of about 1M and an outdoor maximum of about 1.5M.  When calculating how many plants you can fit in your growing space, remember to allow enough room for each marijuana plant to grow outwards as well as upwards and for you to be able to fit in supports later on in flowering when the weight of the bud can lead to branches breaking off, especially if a plant is underfed and its branches don’t thicken properly.


Kraken will need about 11 weeks to complete its growth cycle, of which it spends around 8 to 9 weeks in flower.  The exact length of time it needs will depend on the weather as cooler conditions will slow down the growth cycle.  Outdoor growers towards the northern end of continental Europe should usually aim to collect their harvest by the end of September while growers further to the south could probably stretch their growing period a bit further to end around the middle of October.  Anyone living further north than mainland Europe might be best to treat Kraken as an indoor strain, or at least a greenhouse strain. 


It has to be said that this strain is a bit of an exception to the general rule that autoflowering strains are very beginner-friendly.  Even though it’s by no means a diva and you don’t need to manage light cycles, you do need to be very confident with your marijuana basics.  For example, spacing out your plants on its own is not enough to ensure good ventilation as the compact structure of this strain means that it can easily harbour moisture in its leaves and buds and thus fall victim to mould, hence you need to be prepared to trim each marijuana plant individually.  You also need to be aware that this is one very greedy strain which has a big appetite for both water and nutrients and you need to have enough skill to keep its hunger satisfied without going overboard and damaging it. 


When you first smell this strain, you’ll catch clear base notes of earth, diesel and skunk balanced by top notes of flowers, spices and pine.  Interestingly, the diesel and skunk are largely absent from the flavour, which is initially dominated by earth before you detect the lighter notes of flowers, spices and menthol. 

Bag Appeal

Kraken marijuana bud

Kraken has mossy green nugs which are dense but fluffy.  They are covered in sparkling white resin crystals and bright orange hairs.  When bagging up this strain, it’s really important to check that these dense nugs are totally dry, because they may need a lot longer than 10 days to cure and that  is, of course, assuming that there is proper ventilation.

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