Kush Doctor

  • Our Score 5.0/5
Kush Doctor Marijuana Strain

All anybody wants from their doctor is the magic ability to make everything better alongside the kind of stability you can always rely on. And Kush Doctor does just that!

  • Strength 15-18%
  • Stone All Round Buzz
  • Speed 75-85 Days
  • Height 75-125cm
  • Yield 300g/m2+
  • Harvest Late September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Balanced High
  • Ideal for all setups
  • Con's
  • Average Yields
  • Medium Grow Difficulty
  • May need plant training

Kush Doctor Review

Kush Doctor Review


Kush Doctor marijuana seeds

Kush Doctor can trace its hybrid genetic history through a long line of sativa-dominant strains, with the characteristic cerebral effects shamelessly taking centre stage here. Packing a potent yet far from overpowering 15-18% THC level, Kush Doctor will let you select the right dose of medicine for yourself. This will allow you to casually decide whether you wish to bring a spring to your step in the afternoon at lower quantities, or completely leave the day’s worries behind in a cloud of smoke if that’s what your circumstances demand.

This is no flippant bit of advice either, as the effects of Kush Doctor are well suited to such uses, soothing mind and body with ease. Small quantities will see you still able to function, being especially helpful in social events, whilst higher consumption will give a deep sense of mental bliss and relaxation.

Upon first smoking Kush Doctor you will experience a clear cerebral high that raises your spirits and keeps you able to go about your daily business. You will keep your energy levels up whilst enjoying the effects of the strain, though it is generally recommended that Kush Doctor be enjoyed whilst busying yourself with leisurely pursuits rather than professional ones. Keep smoking and the heady effects are joined by a gentle full-bodied buzz that brings out the relaxing qualities common to strains with OG genetics. These will ease the body and cleanse the mind of negativity, getting you ready to end the day in peace.


Not the biggest yielder in the world but also far from the most demanding, Kush Doctor will provide you with around 300g per m2. You may find this little plant producing more if you provide it with all the right conditions, but the ease with which the plant grows means you may see diminishing returns if you pour too much time into the fellow.


Kush Doctor marijuana seeds

Possibly due to the abundance of sativa in its hybrid genetics, Kush Doctor pushes against the shortening influence of its ruderalis side a bit more than most autoflowering strains and will grow to a relatively tall 75-125cm. This is the case whether it is grown indoors or outside, and though it may reach a bit higher than the foot-tall mini strains out there this by no means prohibits Kush Doctor from being a great candidate for a stealth grow. Those who wish to keep the plant at the lower end of its height potential will be pleased to hear that it responds fairly well to training that keeps it from growing too large.

Whilst the indica genes may have bumped the strain’s height up by a few inches, it thankfully does not seem to have had a similar impact on the flowering time, with the plant going from seed to harvest in a fairly swift 75-85 days. These weeks are unlikely to be stressful for the grower either, as Kush Doctor is very easy going and will cope with the kind of inattention and poor technique that would kill off lesser strains.

This resilience extends to handling the outdoors too where the strain will grow and give decent yields even in harsher environments, provided it has some water and light. Those in the northern hemisphere who do wish to take Kush Doctor outdoors can expect their harvests any time between late May and early October.


Kush Doctor marijuana seeds

Those expecting some nasty tasting medicine will be surprised as this doctor’s prescription is as sweet as Calpol. It is a rather fruity flavour that is more like a citrusy berry than anything else, coming across as sweet and sharp.

There are bits of spice and diesel in here too, all of which are permeated with a kush-like flavour that sits beneath. These more subtle elements may be hidden in the overall taste, but careful attention will reward you with their flavour.

Bag Appeal

If the sweet berries dominate the taste then it is the element of spice that is primarily noticeable in the smell, alongside a new fuel-like note that is barely prevalent in the flavour. If this curious scent were not appealing enough then simply the sight of the plant’s elongated, slender and dense buds may be enough to entice you in.

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