Kush n Cheese

  • Our Score 4.6/5

Kush n Cheese is a 60% Sativa cross between Emerald OG (Kush) and UK Cheese. Kush n Cheese is a robust cannabis strain with solid medical benefits and a great taste. 


  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 8 Weeks
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 500g/m2+
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Amazing flavour
  • Solid yields
  • Robust Genetics
  • Con's
  • Can get tall
  • Longer flowering time
  • Odour Control

Kush n Cheese Strain Review

Kush n Cheese Strain Review


kush n cheese strain

Although Kush n Cheese is, technically, a Sativa dominant (albeit only just), it only has between 15% and 20% THC. This is enough to deliver fast and effective pain relief for a wide range of conditions (both physical and mental) while keeping the high on the moderate side. It’s clean, refreshing and uplifting, sometimes even euphoric, but the moderate THC content together with the 40% Indica genetics means that it stays atmospheric rather than stratospheric. The Indica genetics ensure that when the initial high ebbs, you transition into a light but wonderfully-comfortable stone.  It’s a superb way to get to sleep at night. In other words, although Kush n Cheese is a Sativa dominant, it’s probably best kept for night-time use.


The good news is that Kush n Cheese is one vigorous strain of cannabis.  Even indoors you should be prepared for your plants to clear 2 metres in height. Outdoors it’s odds on that you’ll have at least one marijuana plant which clears 3 metres.

On the plus side, Kush n Cheese has plenty of room for large, slender buds and hence it can deliver an indoor harvest of up to 500g/m2 and an outdoor harvest of up to 900g per marijuana plant.


kush n cheese strain

Although Kush n Cheese can grow to be very tall, it’s vigour means that it grows very quickly. It actually has a fairly short growing cycle, needing 8 to 9 weeks of flowing indoors. This makes it ready for harvest in early- to mid-October outdoors. Be prepared for a lot of stretch during the flowering period and for this strain to create a very pungent odour. If you’re growing this strain indoors then air filters are an absolute must and if you’re growing out of doors then check the prevailing winds (which is a good idea in any case). Speaking of winds, even though UK Cheese was developed to be grown in cooler (and damper) climates. This strain is far happier in warm, dry and sunny ones. If you live north of the Mediterranean basin then you probably want to grow it indoors, or look for a sheltered outdoor location.

One of the big advantages of quick-growing strains is that the less time your precious plants spend in the ground, the less time there is for them to be attacked by the likes of mould, diseases and pests. Overall this strain has good resilience to all of these threats (and not just because it grows quickly), but only as long as it is given sufficient room to grow both upwards and outwards without the plants “bumping into each other” (or the ceiling or walls). If vertical space is an issue, then you may wish to look at plant training. You may also need to stake your plants towards the end of the growing cycle in order to avoid the risk of branches breaking off the plant and taking their buds with them.


It’s Kush and it’s Cheese, what more can we say? Seriously, Kush n Cheese tastes exactly like you would expect from the genetics (only maybe a bit better). The cheese element reminds us of a good stilton and is perfectly balanced with the light, sweet, crispness of fresh fruits, especially citrus. Your mouth will probably be watering even before you taste it because the aroma perfectly reflects the flavour.

Bag Appeal

Kush n Cheese looks good enough in the bag. The nugs are a woodland green and there is enough THC to make them glitter. The real joy of this strain is opening up the bag and grinding up the nugs to release that wonderful scent.

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