Lemon Kush

  • Our Score 4/5
lemon kush weed

 Lemon Kush by Female Seeds is a delicious cross between Critral Kush and Lowryder.

  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Refreshing Buzz
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 300g/m2+
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Refreshing Citrus Taste
  • Comfortably Potent
  • Easy to grow
  • Con's
  • Can get tall
  • Photoperiod
  • Odour Control

Lemon Kush Strain Review

Lemon Kush Strain Review

Most versions of Lemon Kush are believed to be a cross between Master Kush and Lemon G.  There is, however, a version by Alien Genetics which is a cross between Lemon G and Afghan Kush.  Each of these cannabis strains has its own unique set of characteristics.  In particular, they have varying amounts of THC.  This makes it really important to know which specific version of Lemon Kush you are buying. 


Lemon Kush marijuana seeds

This version of Lemon Kush has average THC in the region of 17% to 20%.  It also has up to 1% CBD.  Please note that other strains of the same name have a very different profile.  Some versions can have up to 26% THC and/or up to 6% CBD.  It’s therefore really important to be clear on what you’re buying. 

This version of Lemon Kush can take its time to get moving.  It’s advisable to wait at least 10 minutes before deciding if you need to increase your dose.  Once it does get to work, it delivers a happy and motivational high.  The key point to note here is that this version of Lemon Kush is an Indica dominant.  As such, the high is less of an energy rush and more of a refreshing buzz.  This then transitions into a deep and relaxing body stone.  One per cent CBD is enough to leave the average person couchlocked.  It is, therefore, a good idea to be prepared for the marijuana munchies.  Although 17% THC is quite moderate by today’s standards, it’s still enough to give you an appetite. 

Overall, this strain is probably best kept for use at night.  The THC will help you to clear your head before settling down for some restful sleep.  It can also put a stop to physical pain, so you can relax and doze off.  Then the CBD will help to take you the rest of the way to the land of sweet dreams.  It will also provide long-lasting pain relief to allow you to stay there as long as you need.  If you do want (or need) to use this strain during the day, please be very careful with it.  In particular, please make sure that you are fully refocussed before doing anything complicated, such as driving. 


Indoor growers can expect up to 300g/m2.  Outdoor growers can expect up to 1Kg per marijuana plant.  The reason for this huge difference is the potential height of each marijuana plant.  Indoors, Lemon Kush has an average height in the region of 0.8M to 1.2M.  Outdoors, however, plants will routinely stretch beyond the one-meter mark.  In fact, if growing conditions are exceptionally good, you may find the occasional marijuana plant stretches up to two meters. 

Overall this strain is very robust and unfussy.  That said, if you want to grow it outdoors, you will need a warm, dry and sheltered growing location.  Indoors and outdoors, you will also need enough space to allow your plants to spread both outwards and upwards.  This is really important with Indicas as they are very bushy.  If you give them too little space and they get tangled up together, then you are asking for mould.  Otherwise, you should have very few problems with this strain.  It’s resistant to mould, diseases and pests and also quite forgiving of beginner mistakes. 

Indoors, you’re unlikely to need to use plant training.  This strain will stay nicely compact on its own.  Having said that, some plant training techniques can help to increase your yield. 


Indoors, Lemon Kush needs 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time.  Outdoors, it will be ready about the end of September.  This strain is also very suitable for growing in a greenhouse.  If you opt for this approach, then remember that you have to plant according to the outdoor schedule. 


The taste of Lemon Kush is everything you’d expect from the name.  The base has the musky, hashy spiciness of Kush.  This is reflected accurately in the aroma.  Overall, this strain smells like exquisite chai or incense. 

Bag Appeal 

One of the nice points about Lemon Kush is that its trichomes have a golden hue.  This is beautifully contrasted with the bright green leaves and orange hairs.  There’s also a glorious citrus smell when you open the bag and start breaking the nugs. 

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