Lemon Meringue

  • Our Score 4.4/5
Lemon meringue marijuana strain

While you shouldn’t choose a cannabis strain by name alone, a name like Lemon Meringue definitely gets our attention.  It’s a Sativa-dominant (70%) cross between Lemon Skunk and Cookies & Cream and not only does it taste good, it does you good too. 

  • Strength High
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 9-10 Weeks
  • Height Medium/Tall
  • Yield 450gr/m²+
  • Harvest Mid October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Delicious Flavour
  • Not overly tall for a sativa strain
  • Fast growing for a sativa
  • Con's
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Odour Control


Lemon Meringue Review


Lemon Meringue has average THC in the region of about 18% to about 22%.  Since this strain is predominantly Sativa, the overall effect is upbeat to the point of euphoric, filling you with positive energy.  Because of this, you might think of Lemon Meringue as a great “wake and bake” strain, but you might want to reconsider this point of view because it also has a fairly hefty 1% CBD, which means that as the initial head high ebbs away, you transition into a warm, comforting, full-body stone.  This means that this strain is, arguably, best used at night, when the content will give you a quick blast of pain relief and/or relief from negative emotional states before the CBD takes over and does its work at a slower pace.  If you are going to use it in the daytime, be sure to take the CBD content into account and leave yourself plenty of recovery time before doing anything complicated such as driving. 


There is no official information about the expected yield from Lemon Meringue but based on genetics and user reviews we would expect an indoor harvest of up to 450g/m2 and an outdoor harvest of up to 650g per marijuana plant.  Similarly there is no official information about the expected height range of this strain, but again, based on genetics, we would expect an indoor minimum height of about 1.2M and an outdoor average height of about 1.8M, although it’s worth remembering that Lemon Skunk is on the taller side and so it’s definitely not out of the question that the occasional individual marijuana plant will grow a bit bigger if growing conditions are very good. 


Lemon Meringue has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and an outdoor harvest period of around mid October.  Since this strain really prefers life in the warm and dry, full outdoor growing is only likely to be a feasible option in the Mediterranean basis.  People slightly further north might get away with outdoor growing as long as they are very careful to ensure that their growing site has effective protection for the elements but once you start getting to the northern end of continental Europe and beyond then you really need to start looking at Lemon Meringue as a strain for the greenhouse or indoors.  That being so, you will not only need to think about the issue of vertical height (and the question of whether or not you feel up to using plant training to reduce it) but you will also need to remember that this strain is about 30% Indica, which means that you will need to allow sufficient room for each marijuana plant to stretch its branches out horizontally as well as to grow upwards. 

Strains with a Skunk background tend to be fairly straightforward to grow and this one is no exception.  As always, once you have found a suitable growing site, the single most important point is ensuring good ventilation and good odour control is also highly recommended, especially if you’re growing outdoors in an area where you have close neighbours.  Other than that, you should be fine as long as you pay attention to your marijuana basics as this strain is fairly robust with decent resistance to mould, diseases and pests and its appetite for food and water is pretty reasonable.  It’s probably not the ideal choice for complete beginners, but if you’ve grown an photoperiod strain already (or are a confident gardener) then you should be fine. 


The taste of Lemon Meringue really is very reminiscent of the dessert, but if we had to break it down, there’s a baseline which is somewhere between skunk and diesel and top notes of nuts and citrus, particularly lemon.  This is all reflected in the aroma, so considerate smoking is definitely recommended as skunk and diesel are scents which divide opinion. 

Bag Appeal

Sadly Lemon Meringue doesn’t actually look like the dessert, that would probably be too much to hope for, but it does have dense green nugs, sprinkled with orange hairs and liberally dusted with frosty white THC crystals.  You’ll definitely want to use a grinder on these nugs, as they are not only dense but gloriously sticky. 

Lemon meringue marijuana bud

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