Lemon Zkittle

  • Our Score 4.4/5
Lemon Zkittle Marijuana seeds

As bright and vibrant as the fruit after which it is named, Lemon Zkittle is a stress-resistant and powerful strain with an admirable family tree. It was first created by crossing Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with the much-lauded Zkittlez, with results that saw the strain become a popular choice.  

American through and through, Lemon Zkittle is bold and full of character and offers a hybrid indica-sativa experience that will be returned to again and again.


  • Strength Strong
  • Stone Cerebral High
  • Speed 63 - 70
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 550 - 700 gr/m²
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • High THC
  • Big Yields
  • Easy to grow
  • Con's
  • Can grow very tall
  • Little to no indica sensation

Lemon Zkittle

Lemon Zkittle Review


A near-evenly balanced mix of sativa and indica (having a 60/40 split, respectively), Lemon Zkittle has a slightly heavier sativa proportion. This side of the marijuana plant is over represented in the high, being very cerebral in nature and taking much of the space you would expect to be occupied by the indica.

There is some physical effect from the indica present, yet it simply sits in a subtle manner beneath the strong mental component. The effect is a very subdued bodily calm that is barely noticed unless it is consciously thought of, but adds to the overall experience by providing a relaxed vibe for the head high to come.

And come it certainly will, with a rocket fuel THC level of 20%+ to enjoy. It is hardly surprising, however, as Lemon Zkittle was bred with potency in mind. It could be said to have worked, with many choosing this as their strain of choice over countless other big name options simply for its heavy sativa impact. Indeed, Dutch Passion are proud to have this as one of their most potent strains.

It helps that Lemon Zkittle gives what could be described as a very pure sativa sensation, like it has bottled the essence of what a sativa should feel like. This has made Lemon Zkittle the cannabis of choice for connoisseurs, delivering every time without disappointment. Best enjoyed in the daytime or evening, this strain offers a strong energising buzz that goes well with creative activities, socialising or even getting chores done.


The sativa dominant genetics of Lemon Zkittle are likely responsible for the yield sizes these marijuana plants can produce. A well-cultivated indoor grow can result in around 3.65oz per square foot, making Lemon Zkittle one to offer not just high-THC cannabis, but plenty of it too.


This is one of those strains that seems to offer it all – a strong smoke, a big yield, and the kind of easy growing genetics that will even see newbies obtain good results from their marijuana plant with a little effort. This is not to say that Lemon Zkittle can simply be left to its own devices and still be expected to reach its potential, but it doesn’t take much to keep the plant happy.

It should only take 63-70 days to go from seed to flower, meaning in just ten short weeks Lemon Zkittle can produce a harvest of rich potent sativa. The height of the plant may be intimidating to first time growers, with its 96 inch stature reflecting its rich sativa genetics, but it is a sturdy grower and will not need much help. As well as this, Lemon Zkittle develops rather vigorously which makes it an easier job for less experienced hands tackling both indoor and outdoor grows.

On that note, it is worth mentioning that Lemon Zkittle grows perfectly well outside too. Its sativa-dominant side has an influence on its growing preferences, making it necessary to provide the strain with a good amount of warmth and natural light if it is to reach its potential. It will stay at a similar height whether kept indoors or outside, and either way the bud it produces will be high quality and perfectly enjoyable.


If the name wasn’t enough of a hint, Lemon Zkittle is a festival of bright lemon flavour mixed with other citrusy fruits. This, of course, comes with a pronounced sour note that will be irresistible to those who enjoy such flavours.
Naturally the scent profile of the cannabis matches this, exuding strong lemony notes along with other sharp and fruity elements. This is no weak scent either, and those who love the smell will find plenty to enjoy here.

Bag Appeal

It is not only the smell and taste that led to Lemon Zkittle earning its name, sporting tough nugs that have the kind of bright yellow and green colouring usually only found on freshly grown lemons. High resin content provides a bit of an insight into the sativa-fuelled storm to come.

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