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The name Mango has been around since the 1960s and has probably been used to refer to several different strains. In modern terms, however, Mango is taken to mean the strain developed by KC Brains, which is based on KC33, a proprietary “special select” strain and an Afghani-style Indica.

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To all intents and purposes, this is an Indica, albeit one which does tend to grow like a Sativa.  This could make it something of a challenge for growers in northern climates, as it really does best outdoors and even then you want to keep the vegetative period down to three weeks and promptly transplant.  The height of these plants does mean they require some degree of management, particularly support as they can develop monster buds, although they also have very sturdy branches.  You may also want to think about some form of pruning.  Otherwise, this is a fairly unfussy variety with yields of about 150g/sm indoors and up to 800g/p outdoors..

As is typical of Indicas, this is a strain which is best kept for evening use as it is very good at bringing on sleep.  The flavour is pretty much what you’d expect given the name and the smoke also has a tropical scent.

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