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MSNL is our top rated seedbank and excels in every area. With a long history of quality and cutting edge genetics we found they also had the best customer service and delivery we tested. Combined with the biggest discounts, best free seed offers and a loyalty scheme, it’s the only seedbank we’ve awarded 5 stars.

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  • 100% Guaranteed Stealth Delivery
  • Top Quality Genetics
  • Best customer service in the business
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  • Does not accept Paypal

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MSNL Review

Growers have long since become familiar with one of the top seed banks on the Web, (MSNL). Back in 1999, MSNL was one of the first to enter into the online seed bank world, and today they continue to be one of the top-selling seed banks online.


MSNL has an excellent range and everything you’d expect including regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds. The best thing is that they stock the most powerful and awarded genetics so you don’t need to.

A clearly structured website and a huge range without being overwhelming, they have a quality range that makes you resection much simpler making it easy for you to find something that you are guaranteed to love.

There is a great variety of classic genetic cup winners like White Widow and Big Bud; as well as fruity flavours, massive yielders, rapid finishers and more. They also classify strains into easy to use categories like High THC / CBD, Autoflowers, Medical etc.

Genetic quality is outstanding: our testers all rated 100% success rate across a wide variety of mediums including, soil, hydro, coco and rockwool starters. Our testers matured the plants to fruition with zero hermaphrodites and a very even homogeneity. THC tests all shown results in line with stated expectations.


MSNL offer one of the best bangs for your buck in the market. Perfectly matching quality and price to a tee. Their regular sales cover a wide variety of seed types, plus they frequently offer flash sales and seasonal promos. Check out MSNL’S Sale deals by clicking here.

For those interested in deals, MSNL has a “Sale” page that’s always full of savings. At the time of this review, there were a total of 32 strains available at as much as 50% off, with many “Buy One Get One Free” offers. This is something not a lot of seed banks offer, and MSNL is always changing this page up, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Value packs – A unique offering to MSNL is their selection of “value packs” which are a permanent feature allowing customers to try a selection of 3 individually picked and clearly labelled strains, from a shared characteristic. These include a Super Strong Pack, a Fruity/Flavoursome pack and an entry level “budget” pack.

Wholesale/Bulk – Those looking for larger quantity or wholesale volumes of seeds can buy EVERY strain in the rage at highly discounted rates (normally 100+ seeds of an individual strain), up to 55% off. (add in description of how this works) when we enquired about wholesale rates on very large orders they were happy to look at even larger discounts on an individually negotiated basis.

Loyalty-Rewards scheme – MSNL also provides their customers with even more savings by allowing them to accumulate MSNL Rewards. These rewards work just like a point card in a retail store, and seed buyers can use them towards future purchases, making that next purchase even cheaper. (eg leaving reviews, birthdays, refer-a-friend etc). It is definitely the best rewards program we found from any of our reviewed websites.

Free Seeds – MSNL is one of the only sites to offer a minimum of 5 free seeds with every order. The free seed volume and variation increase significantly as the value of the order goes up. Even a modest value order gives you 10 free seeds of three different types.


“MSNL offer one of the best bangs for your buck in the market. Perfectly matching quality and price to a tee…”

Finding what you are looking for is easy with MSNL’s clever navigaton structure. The website is clearly broken down into categories from the homepage with filters allowing for refined finding of strains based on many categories such as THC, Yield, Speed, and price bracket.

Top Strains – The top strains across the site are easily accessible form the homepage allowing instant access to the best and most popular varieties on the site. There is also a specific top strains section which has strains classified by similar characteristic, such as: Top 10 Yielders, Top strongest strains, Top fastest flowering strains and many more. These are all easily reached form a single page hub.

Tasting notes – A truly unique and we found particularly helpful feature is the MSNL “Tasting Wheel”. This is a clear visual guide to the main flavour profiles each strain has as well as the more prevalent types of high or stone that using this strain delivers.

Guides – There are a number of pages that allow users to gain more info on types of strain, so if you are unsure on what strain is right for you, the simple layout and information will hold your hand through the decision making process.

Other features include a highly accurate search function which not only displays strains based on the keywords entered but also any relevant articles of guide that match the search criteria entered. Each strain has its own customer review section so that you can see real feedback from other growers giving a more informative approach before you choose to buy. A clear and interactive cart, plus a fast 2 step checkout makes finalising your order a simple, straightforward and pleasurable process.

MSNL also has an FAQ page, where the most frequently asked questions – and their answers – can be found, so users can get answers to their questions even faster. )


Payment offers one the most comprehensive payment option of all the seedbanks we have tested to date. From Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Money order, cash and bitcoin no matter which way is easiest for you, they can serve your needs simply and efficiently.

Upon checkout these payment options are clearly displayed with full details and guidance on how to use them (and in many cases claim discounts or extra free seeds!). You receive an email immediately on checkout with the details of your order plus a reminder of how payment can be made so you don’t have to scrabble around for a pen before the window closes!

Our testers used a variety of options including credit card, bitcoin and cash, with all three being very smooth and secure; plus the customer support team were on hand quickly when we did have a query. With the cash payment we followed the directions on how to send it and the payment was received 7 days later, without any incidents. For more information on MSNL payment methods click here.

Customer Service

We found MSNL’s customer service to be second to none. Contact is clear and simple through their online form, response time varied form immediate to within 1 working day. They also have an active support through their facebook page which was an added bonus if you need a very quick response to a simple question. MSNL also has an FAQ page, where the most frequently asked questions – and their answers – can be found, so users can get answers to their questions even faster.. Responses were friendly and helpful, but they are very clear in that they are restricted to how some queries can be answered due to legal restrictions, this could lead to some potential frustration as certain questions will not be responded to at all if they are not within the legal limits. This is standard across all sites we contacted.


Our shipping test had two sample orders placed and dispatched, one to North America and one to Europe with both orders arriving within a week. There are multiple shipping options available ranging from cheap and cheerful through to highest level stealth with guaranteed delivery. These shipping levels will not impact on the speed items arrive, with almost all orders arriving within a 5-10 day window, with the exception of eth UK being 1-2 days. The packages are all plain and unmarked as to their contents, with some of the stealth methods we have seen being outstanding, so much so that some customers initially could not locate their order even though they knew they were in that package! All orders that choose guaranteed shipping are sent with a tracking code and if you do not want to have to sign it, there is a simple non-signature request option when you check out.

View all our delivery options here.

MSNL has quickly become one of the best seed banks on the web, and it’s easy to see why. With stealth shipping, fast delivery, and most importantly, the best quality strains that are easy to grow, MSNL works with growers to get them the results they’re looking for, and so much more.

User Rating And Review

    January 25, 2018 9:18 pm

    I don't normally leave reviews for a company but this one I will I had so many issues with alot of things and the customer service that I received from them was outstanding they took all my problems away gave me free seeds and was always in touch I will shop no where else but MSNL and they are ranked #1 in my book

  2. Brandon
    February 21, 2018 4:11 pm

    I was skeptical of ordering online but Dave in MSNL support replied to all of my emails quickly making this a relaxing experience. I was provided the tracking information promptly and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. I will stick with MSNL their customer service and quality is awesome!!!!!

  3. Nick
    February 21, 2018 6:33 pm

    These guys are awesome. I placed my order and securely paid and in just a few short days my order arrived. I was missing some seeds and contacted them. I received an extremely quick response and they fixed my order and sent my missing seeds out immediately. If you are like me and a little skeptical about ordering for fear of getting scammed, then no more worries as these guys are the real deal and have terrific work ethics. I will never use anyone else for my seed needs. Thanks guys for making my experience a good one.

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