Master Kush

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From Afghanistan via the Netherlands and onto the world, Master Kush is an Indica-dominant (80%) hybrid, which was developed out of two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush area on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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This is really a strain for indoor growing and although it is a compact Indica, it’s still on the slower end of the growth cycle, flowering for 9-10 weeks.  On the plus side, yields are very solid for an Indica, usually around 400g/sm to 500g/sm.  Master Kush is a bit on the greedy side and does like its nutrients, but its high calyx-to-leaf ratio make for easy trimming.  It’s also worth noting that although the smell from Master Kush is definitely noticeable, many people find it quite pleasant.

The effects are essentially what you would expect from an Indica.  This is a strain to keep for night time when you want to deal effectively with chronic pain so that you can get some proper sleep.  It’s also used to stimulate the appetite, so users may want to keep some snacks on hand to deal with the munchies.  In terms of flavour, Master Kush is a balance of sweetness and earthiness, with a pungent note.

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