Nebula CBD

  • Our Score 4.2/5

Known for is its high CBD content, which sits around 7%, , with an equally high THC content. You will instantly feel calm and relaxed and happy and uplifted. It’s also known for bringing out the chatty in users, making it a great social smoke when hanging with friends.


  • Strength Up to 7%
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 7-9 Weeks
  • Height Medium/Tall
  • Yield 350g/m2
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Uplifting
  • High CBD
  • 1:1 CBD:THC Ratio
  • Con's
  • Low potency
  • Medium Height
  • Medium Yields

Nebula CBD Review

Nebula CBD Review

For all the talk of the medical benefits of cannabis and the various ways it can lead to a healthier, happier life, it can often feel like this takes a major back seat to the recreational properties most strains offer. This is not necessarily always the case, however, as there are certain strains that are developed and made available specifically for medicinal purposes.

They may be relatively rare but they do exist, and Nebula CBD is one such strain. While it didn’t escape the obligatory colourful naming that most strains receive, its function is rather different to most out there. Possessing an equal CDB to THC ratio, Nebula CBD was developed with medicinal use in mind and takes its job seriously.

Created by crossing the popular Nebula with an unknown high-THC strain, Nebula THC has helped turn around non-smoker’s perceptions of cannabis, helping them recognise the medical benefits it can bring.


Nirvana Nebula CBD marijuana seeds

The previously mentioned equal CBD and THC ratio is worth bearing in mind, as such a quality is a good indicator that the strain is ideal for medical use. Yet whilst Nebula CBD may have been bred with medicinal use in mind, its creators did not entirely neglect its ‘fun’ side either.
Holding a very modest THC level of 5-10% and an equivalent CBD level of around 7-8%, the strain will not take you to the places some other powerhouse psychoactive strains will, yet it offers a gentle and highly enjoyable experience that is all the richer for its modesty.

Nebula CBD is a hybrid plant with a 60/40 sativa-indica split, being enjoyed primarily for its medical and pleasant yet highly-functional effects. Some find this a great strain to start the day with, enjoying a mellow wake n’ bake that makes sure you start off on the right foot.

Being 60% sativa, Nebula CBD offers an uplifting high that will see you in a good mood for hours. Its relaxing properties mean that a chilled contentment will accompany this improvement of mood, relaxing both mind and body. Its light THC level also means that the strain can be utilised throughout the day as a small but effective boost in your mood to keep you productive, focused and happy. These qualities make Nebula CBD effective for keeping you performing well in the face of various distractions that may otherwise interfere with your work.

This strain will principally be sought by those who wish to make use of its medicinal applications, however, and those who do so will not be disappointed. If other strains leave you feeling paranoid or anxious then Nebula CBD may be the one for you. Its balanced THC to CBD ratio banishes such unwanted thoughts and emotional states, allowing you to enjoy the strain fully. It is also very effective at treating cramps, joint pains, chronic pain, and even Crohn’s Disease. On top of this many users report it helps them effectively reign in periodic bouts of stress and depression.

These are not the only health benefits of Nebula CBD, and it may be worth trying the strain to see if it can deal with any particular ailment you may have even if it has not been outlined here. Those looking to make use of cannabis for medical reasons without feeling the psychoactive effects may also find Nebula CBD’s subtle effects tolerable or even helpful.


It may not pack much THC but each plant will offer a sizeable yield come harvest time, rewarding careful growers with 450-500g per m2 of soothing CBD-laden bud.


Nirvana Nebula CBD marijuana seeds

Nebula CBD is not a demanding strain when it comes to growing. It will fare well both indoors and outdoors and will not cause too many headaches regardless of your growing experience.

If growing indoors the plant will do especially well in a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, taking only 60 days from seed to flower. Unusually for a sativa-dominant strain, the plant will keep to a short to medium height and will ward off mould and mildew with ease as it develops. It does tend to grow heavily towards its light source though, so do bear this in mind as the weeks pass.

Frequent growers of Nebula CBD, however, will often claim it is the outdoors where the strain really shines. It may have a typically sativa-like preference for a hot climate with plenty of bright sunshine, but overall it is remarkably easy-going. The plant generally does fine even in cooler northern European climates, offering up its harvest in the middle of October.


Nebula CBD has a softly sweet flavour that is reminiscent of honey and vanilla yogurt, but with an unexpected yet pleasant pungent aftertaste. Some even detect a fruitiness in the mix too, but the one thing all can agree on is the strain’s delicate sweetness that makes consumption of this strain an absolute pleasure.

Bag Appeal

This hint of fruitiness is far more pronounced in the scent than in the taste, mixing among bits of earthiness and spice to make the underlying sweetness all the more satisfying.

The buds of the plant are medium sized, cone shaped, and a red-brown shade that is accompanied by autumnal-hued amber hairs. Sitting atop this is a layer of sandy trichomes and thick sticky resin that will delight recreational and medical smokers alike.

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